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Customers & Stakeholders of Quality

Course Name Customers & Stakeholders of Quality
Quality Management Program Series

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Price: Php 11,800

The course focuses on customers as the final judge of quality in organizations.  It investigates the ends and means of managing quality according to the requirements and specifications of customers. It also discusses other stakeholders of quality in organizations.


After the course, you will:

1. Describe the centrality and value of customers to the operations of organizations;

2. Explain how quality is managed to satisfy customers and exceed theirexpectations; and

3. Identify other stakeholders and their influence on how quality is managed in organizations.

Who should attend

Professionals & practitioners whose job has to do with managing or assuring quality in their organizations.


I.      What is quality?

II.     Systems thinking

III.    Types of customers

IV.    Customer mapping & profiling

        A. Demographics

        B. Psychographics

        C. Buying behavior & decision making

V.     Customer experience management

        A. Strategies & tools

        B. Metrics & analytics

VI.    Customer relationship management

        A. Strategies & tools

        B. Metrics & analytics

VII.   Stakeholders & stakeholders analysis of


VIII.  The concept of customer-driven quality

        A.  Integrating customer experience management & customer relationship  management

        B. Strategies & tools

        C. Metrics & analysis

        D. Change imperatives

IX.    Case applications

Resource Speakers
Mr. Jonilo Del Rosario

is a freelance organization & management, quality, human resource, intellectual capital, and education consultant, resource person, trainer, researcher, subject matter expert, and postgraduate & higher education professor.

He presently holds the following positions: Trustee and Training, Education & Research Committee Chair of the Philippine Society for Quality (PSQ); Program Director & Resource Person of the Quality Management Program of Ateneo Graduate School of Business-Center for Continuing Education & PSQ; Resource Person & Trainer of the University of the Philippines Institute for Small-Scale Industries (UPISSI); Resource Person & Trainer of the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC); Resource Person & Subject Matter Expert of Civil Service Institute (CSI); to name a few.

He has designed and delivered various consulting, training, and research engagements with organizations and institutions from different industries. He shares these “real-world” learning experiences with his students from various colleges and universities.  He has presented research studies in institutional seminars and national conferences and conventions. 

Mr. del Rosario has two master 's degrees in Technology Management and Human Resource Development from the University of the Philippines.  He is a candidate for the Doctor of Philosophy in Education major in Educational Administration from the same university.  He is presently working on his dissertation entitled “A Quality Management System Model for Philippine Higher Education Institutions”.