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Introduction to HTML

Course Name Introduction to HTML
Internet Fluency Series

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Price: Php 5,900

Introduction to HTML will familiarize you to the most recent technologies being used in web page development. It includes the components of a basic web page using HTML and CSS. More recent technologies will be discussed, such as: how to utilize javascript and existing libraries to add more interactive elements in a web page. You will learn how to leverage these technologies to meet the demands of modern web pages, such as: integrating social components (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and creating visual components for a more interactive user experience (charts, graphs, and other tools). The course will only deal with  client-side technologies and will serve as a complementary course for development of dynamic and database-driven websites.


The final project for the course will be a simple website that incorporates the features of the web technologies learned in class. The website should be able to pull information from several online services and render the information on the site using HTML/HTML5, CSS and Javascript techniques. This would demonstrate the capabilities of the most recent web techniques that can be applied to other web based applications.


After the course, you will:

1. Understand the basic architecture and nature of the web;

2. Develop simple web pages using HTML and CSS;

3. Learn to program in javascript to control different web page elements; and

4. Integrate existing libraries to add more content and interactive components to their website

Who should attend

•  Budding web developers 

•  IT Hobbyists 

•  Entrepreneurs and business owners with a propensity for IT


I.   How the Web Works

     A.   History of the Cloud

     B.   Client Server Architecture

     C.   Web Services



      A.   Basic tags

      B.   HTML5 tags

      C.   Multimedia



      A.   Basic CSS

      B.   Layouting

      C.   CSS Frameworks


IV.  Javascript

      A.   Basic Javascript

      B.   Using third party libraries (Jquery)

      C.   Reading from other sites 

Resource Speakers
Mr. Raphael B. Alampay

is an Assistant Instructor at the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU). He is also the co-founder of Skyeye Philippines.