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Lean for Service

Course Name Lean for Service
Schedule May 22, 2018 - May 23, 2018

Tuesday - Wednesday

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Price: Php 12,800

Learn how to improve your operations, stay competitive, and increase capacity with the use of Lean tools and techniques as a powerful methodology to achieve your strategic goals.

Lean for Service will develop you as experts in utilizing and applying Lean concepts successfully.


After the course, you will:

1. Learn to apply the steps, approaches,tools, and techniques used to create Lean processes and Lean organization;

2. Recognize the purpose, objectives, results, and benefits of Lean;

3. Identify the waste and its drivers in your processes;

4. Use the Lean Pathway to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement; and

5. Learn the best way to plan and implement Lean.

Who should attend

Quality professionals and managers, operations analysts and managers, Green Belts, Black Belts, Master Black Belts, and any manager or professional who wants to improve the efficiency of operations, processes, and the organization


I.    See the Waste

      A.  Types of Waste

      B.  Value Stream Map

      C.  Efficiency Calculations


II.   Prepare the Workplace

      A. Organization

      B. Workplace Arrangement


III.  Improve Daily Work

      A. Standardization

      B. Error-proofing

      C. Auto-stop


IV.  Address Set-up and Maintenance

      A. Rapid Changeover

      B. Integrated Maintenance


V.   Make Value Flow Faster

      A. Process Pulse

      B. Visual Management

      C. One Piece Flow and Pull

      D. Signaling

      E.  Leveling

      F.  Sequencing

Resource Speakers
Ms. Anamaria M. Mercado (Six Sigma)

is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean Practitioner. She received her certification after six weeks of training in the US and a two-year full-time assignment as a Six Sigma Deployment Manager.