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Project Management Toolkit: MS Project

Course Name Project Management Toolkit: MS Project
Schedule July 18, 2017 - July 19, 2017

Tuesday - Wednesday

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Price: Php 11,800

Project Management Toolkit: MS Project is a follow up workshop to the Project Management Fundamentals course.  The two-day workshop will teach you how to prepare project plans using Microsoft (MS) Project as a tool.

Moreover, MS Project is not just a scheduling tool.  With proper training, it can be transformed as a complete project planning, monitoring, and controlling tool, rolled into one.

Project Management Toolkit: MS Project is an independent course and is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation.

After the course, you will be able to:
1. Set-up basic project data in MS Project;
2. Prepare Gantt Chart;
3. Do network analysis;
4. Prepare resource worksheet and project costing;
5. Do resource leveling;
6. Prepare Critical Path Analysis;
7. Monitor and track projects using the Earned Value Analysis 
8. Do “what-if” analysis; and
9. Print out project reports.
Who should attend

This workshop is intended for project schedulers and project managers or anybody in the project team who wants to be more productive in managing projects.


I. Overview of the Project Management processes

II. Familiarization of the tool

    A. How to start MS Project

    B. The main screen

    C. MS Project views

III. Creating a new project

    A. Setting up

        1. Properties

        2. Project information start date

        3. Working time

    B. WBS and task duration

        1. Activity list 

        2. WBS outline

        3. Activity duration

        4. PERT table

        5. Outline number

    C. Task dependencies

        1. Task relationship

        2. Lead and lag

    D. Critical path

        1. Text format

        2. Bar format

        3. Network diagram

    E. Resources and cost

        1. Resource sheet

        2. Resource information

        3. Resource allocation split window

        4. Project cost view

        5. Resource leveling

    F. Baseline

        1. Save project baseline 

IV. Monitoring and control

    A. Updating accomplishment

        1. Tracking toolbars

        2. Update accomplishment using toolbar shortcut and update task

        3. Column indicator

        4. Progress line

        5. Network diagram view

        6. Task usage view

        7. Resource usage view

    B. Earned Value Analysis

        1. Project information status date

        2. EVA view

        3. EVA curve

    C. Reports and views

    D. What-if Analysis

V. Case Study

Resource Speakers
Mr. Randy Balaoro

is the President of BNProjekTechnik Corporation, a company engaged in consulting and construction management of engineering projects, such as resort and hotel developments, industrial complexes, mid to high rise mix-use buildings, and call centers fit-out works.