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24th Marketing Diploma Program

Course Name 24th Marketing Diploma Program
Schedule April 6, 2019 - July 20, 2019

Weeknights, 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Saturdays, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Price: Php 99,000


Formulating a compelling, consumer need based & market defining, Brand / Product Positioning Strategy that is based on research evidence. Marketing strategy defines how and what aspects of the business model add value better than competition and therefore have the most influence on its customers. It targets viable markets segments by evaluating accessibility, size & growth potential to optimally attain business objectives from money and time spent on marketing.

Introduction to Business Planning

Marketing is a powerful tool that can create profits and increase the value of your brand and your company  But to do this, you must be able to provide the proper framework that will enable you to optimize its potential by correctly identifying what kind of business you want to be in and what specific brand or service benefit you want to offer the customer that is superior to that of the competition. The one-day Introduction to Business Planning seeks to assist the participants to provide this framework by touching the following key components of your business plan: 

- Enterprise Description

- Product or Service Description

- Industry Analysis

- Competition Analysis

- SWOT Analysis

Once finalized , this business plan will act as a springboard to launch the marketing process which will be tackled in the two -day Segmentation , Targeting , Positioning (STP ) module.

Marketing Research:
Validate Your Hunch, Sharpen Your Intuition

Sun Tzu’s quote, ”Know the Terrain, Know the Enemy, Know Yourself “ aptly describes how Marketing Research and effective business planning verifies gut feel, enables optimal business & marketing decisions re how & what business opportunities to pursue (risk vs return). Learn how an evidence based qualitative/quantitative research process reveals critical insights (for brand/product innovation or communication) into consumer values & behavior so you know how to make must have brands & products, consistently beat the competition in satisfying and delighting not only the obvious, but also latent and must have consumer desires to get consumer purchase preference, use and loyalty.

Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning
Create Markets to Your Best Advantage

Identify unseen marketing opportunities through effective business environmental scan, competitive intelligence and marketing research i.e. potential consumer segment profiling leading to evidence-based market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning strategies. Create unique, relevant, and differentiated products based on a deep understanding or insight into unmet and BIG consumer needs. Create new markets where others see none, a powerful way to grow your business bringing your  brands and products to the most viable or profitable and expanding market segments!


Creating doable tactical plans enhanced by digital marketing to realize your strategic marketing goals and objectives.

Build Brands with Products that Perform Beyond  Expectations

Understand how to carefully integrate value adding, new product development, and product/brand management to gain strategic advantage, sustained  consumer loyalty and change the competitive landscape to your advantage. Create products that satisfy not just functional needs, but also the challenging but the compelling “reason to buy” dimension of experiential and symbolic needs, the key to brand loyalty. Identify that Winning Combination of attributes in must have products that delight consumers and build strong brand equity.

Offer Value or Prestige

Use price strategies to accurately position your product and company, ensuring that you make the best of your first break in the market. Learn to use just the right price point that encourages consumption by capturing outstanding value, and ensures decent financial returns. Learn tactical price strategies that can earn a quick return or negate competition. Know what specific strategies work to differentiate not just for tactical but for strategic advantage.

Be Where It Matters

Effective management of the distribution channel is essential to ensure client’s easy access to your unique offerings. Learn how to deny competitors the chance to touch-base with their target markets. Leave them high and dry while you welcome consumers to your door. Learn how to reach the previously unreachable micro-consumers through creative logistics management. Avoid stock-out situations that leave your back door open to competitors and escape the hazards of  drowning in  old inventory through supply chain and sales forecasting strategies.

Entice a First Trial

Learn a rich blend of street-smart below-the-line tactical promotions/activations strategies to exclusively lock in the attention of your target customers. Explore the best use of various promotional activities such as in-store and outdoor sales promotions, public relations, direct mailing, trade fairs and exhibits, sponsorships, events, and direct selling. Know what ingredients from this recipe will work best for your unique offer.

Marketing Communications:
Make Brands Come Alive for Consumers

Learn how to effectively create and communicate your brand position, value, and experience to lead, and retain a long term loyal customer base. Leverage various communication media strategies responsive to market conditions to maximize competitive advantage. Practice integrated marketing communications throughout the organization – so that you retain top of mind in today’s fickle minded consumer markets.

Services Marketing:
Serve and Earn Undying Consumer Loyalty 

Product brands easily fail due to commoditization as copy cats erode brand relevance. Outstanding service brand experiences are uniquely challenging to create especially when such experiences come with products as it is for food services etc. but likewise not easy to copy. Learn how to capitalize on a challenging but potentially lucrative service or product + service business by consistently delivering not only unique and efficient but wonderful and authentically gratifying consumer service experiences by knowing how to effectively lead people and manage work processes with the requisite service facilities. Learn how to make creative and experiential promotion strategies to effectively communicate intangible service brand benefits.

Digital Marketing

Learn how to use digital media technology enabling your brand to connect and engage with loyal consumers,  leading them to be active and loyal users, advocating your brands and products to others. 


Deepen your learning by completing a really competitive marketing plan supported by insightful understanding in Brand Management, Services & Product Development.

Brand and Product Management:
Build Brands to Live and Die For

With competencies gained in this creativity-stimulating hands-on immersion in product development and brand management, you will attain the ultimate purpose of a marketer, to build a market defining brand. Sharpen practice with proven brand/product building knowledge from experts in the field who will show how powerful brands are born from deeply held consumer values, aspirations and experiences. Know practical tips on when to use single, multiple, or co-branding product strategies. Integrate product development and brand strategy. Interactive and expertly coached exercises will enable you to develop a real feel for the aesthetic and functional aspects of product/brand building.

Marketing Communications

Make Brands Come Alive for Consumers

Learn how to effectively create and communicate your brand position, that promises outstanding brand experience and product performance, and retain a long term loyal customer base. Leverage various communication media strategies responsive to market conditions to maximize competitive advantage. Practice integrated marketing communications throughout the organization – so that you retain top of mind in today’s fickle minded consumer markets.

Marketing Plan Presentation

Complete an evidence based, actionable and impactful marketing plan through a synergy in delivery of your brand/product strategies and tactics.



  • Introduction to Business Planning
  • Marketing Research  
  • Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning 
  • Marketinf Strategy Formulation


  • Product and Price
  • Place and Promotions 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Plan Formulation/Implementation Part 1


  • Services Marketing
  • Brand Management 
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Plan Intergration and Presentation

Schedules may change without prior notice.

Resource Speakers
Mr. Clemente B. Colayco

Ateneo Graduate School of Business-Center for Continuing Education (AGSB-CCE) Marketing Program Director, brings with him 23 years of experience as an international footwear marketer having worked with major Italian (Cebo Italia) and German (Far East  Grohmann Footwear H.K.) shoe making and trading companies buying from Vietnam, Thailand and China exporting to Europe since 1987. He has managed product development, merchandising, production, and sales in all these business endeavors. He has a Regis MBA degree with honors from AGSB in 2000. He then taught International Marketing at AGSB from 2001 to 2003. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of the Philippines.


"This program is very enlightening for me. It has opened my eyes on how to face the challenges of the ever-changing market. The driving force of this course is our willingness to learn. The group tasks were very challenging as it showcases each and everyone of us in our field.

There was a transformation on my part. From a regular company executive, now I could say that I am a real marketing executive."

-Vernon Ramos, AVP - Marketing of Western Union - Petnet Inc.;Director’s Awardee, 13th Marketing Diploma Program