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Accounting for Management Decision-Making

Course Name Accounting for Management Decision-Making
Schedule August 3, 2019 - August 17, 2019


8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Price: Php 19,200

In this course offering, the analysis and reporting of accounting information is examined from the perspective of effective management decision-making with special emphasis on the planning and control responsibilities of practicing managers. It deals with the diverse processes involved in solving practical and potential business problems of short, medium, and long-range character as revealed and inferred from historical accounting and financial data and information.


After the course, you will:

1. Formulate models, statements, and tables with the use of accounting and financial data for sound business decisions;

2. Develop the ability to integrate various accounting and financial tools and techniques for maintaining sound operating performance and stable financial position for the firm;

3. Appreciate the powerful features of cost and revenue accounting and related financial tools in any type or form of business organization; 

4. Understand and appreciate how an organization’s accounting process is integrated into well-defined planning and control systems; and

5. Apply the various techniques in evaluating and ranking capital investment projects.

Who should attend

The professionals who will most benefit from the course are marketing and sales managers and all those who set profit targets. Also for entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and all units that generate revenues.


I. Managerial accounting: An overview and introduction

A. Importance and objectives

B. Financial vs. managerial accounting

        C. Accounting’s management functions

II. Understanding costs

A. Basic decision concepts

B. Cost terms, concepts, classifications

             1. For financial reporting purposes

             2. For predicting cost behaviors

             3. For assignment to cost objects

             4. For decision-making purposes

C. Cost accumulation: job order vs. process costing

III. Managerial accounting: Planning focus

A. Cost behavior: Analysis and use

B. Cost-volume-profit relationships

C. Variable costing

D. Financial planning

IV. Managerial accounting: Control focus

A. Standard costs

B. Flexible budgets

C. Relevant costs for decision-making

D. Segment reporting and balanced scorecard

V. Special topics (as time permits)

A. Regression analysis

B. Financial statement analysis

C. Cash flow analysis

D. Capital budgeting

Resource Speakers
Ms. Ana Bess G. Pingol

is the Senior Vice President, Chief Finance Officer and member of the Executive Committee of Federal Land Inc.  She is concurrently Executive Vice President of Cathay Resource Inc., Executive Vice President of Crown Central Realty Development Corp, Senior Vice President, and Chief Finance Officer of Bonifacio Landmark, Federal Land Orix Corp., ST6747 Resources Corp., Federal Brent; and Horizon Land Inc., as well as Corporate Secretary of the same. Her other significant positions are Director of Omni Orient Property Management Inc., Director and Executive Committee Member of the  Alveo-Federal Land Communities Inc., and Executive Committee member in the joint venture project with Robinsons Land Corporation.

Prior to her current post she has served in a variety of senior executive and management positions both for local and multinational companies which include; Senior Vice President and Chief Finance Officer of SM Land Inc., Deputy CFO and VP Treasurer of Metro Pacific Investment Corporation.

She also worked in Tetra Pak Philippines Inc., a Swedish packaging company, first as Finance Director until eventually assuming the most senior post as Site Manager (Country Manager) and Commercial Director. Ms. Pingol was also part of the start-up team of Rockwell Land Corporation in 1995 first as Assistant Vice President- Finance, moving to Business Development as Assistant Vice President for New Projects and eventually as Vice President for Finance.

Her previous posts include, Vice President for Treasury and Special Projects in Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation, Finance Director of Shang-rila Properties Corporation, Audit Manager of Marsman Corporation and SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co (SGV) an audit and consultancy company, where she started her career.


She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Accounting (Cum Laude) at the University of the East. Ms. Pingol completed her Master’s Degree at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in which she is currently a faculty and the Department Chair of Economics, Finance and Accounting.