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Appreciative Leadership: Enhancing Employee Engagement

Course Name Appreciative Leadership: Enhancing Employee Engagement
Schedule November 11, 2019 - November 12, 2019

Monday - Tuesday 

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Price: Php 12,800

There is really no single, universally accepted definition of employee engagement. This presents a great opportunity to figure out what engagement means for a certain organization and how to best develop and improve employee engagement in the workplace. Moreover, the world has changed. Approaches to leadership in the past, especially in terms of enhancing employee engagement, do not address the needs of today, the strengths-based approach does.

Appreciative Leadership: Enhancing Employee Engagement  is designed to provide an understanding of employee engagement and your role in improving engagement as a leader. It also intends to give basic concepts and skills in applying the strengths-based approach to developing and enhancing employee engagement in organizations.


After the course, you will:

1. Define employee engagement in the organization; 

2. Understand the link between engagement and organization performance and outcome; 

3. Apply the strengths-based approach to employee engagement; and

4. Share individual commitments and able to design an engagement plan for the organization.

Who should attend

Line managers with a great desire to further develop their leadership skills, high potential talents preparing for management/leadership roles, and new line managers and supervisors.


I. Employee engagement

           A.  Brief history

           B.  Definitions

           C.  Links of engagement to business

                performance and outcomes

           D.  Degrees and drivers of engagement

           E.  Approaches to employee engagement

II. The new language of organization and leadership

           A.  The leadership challenge

           B.  The three spheres of influence

                of the manager as a leader

           C.  Leadership attributes leading

                to employee engagement

           D.  Changing approach to change

III. Leading positive performance

           A.  Formative ideas about strengths-based approach

           B.  Five relational strategies

IV. Commitments: Building the best

           engagement plan for the organization 

           A.  Individual commitment

           B.  Commitment to the organization

Resource Speakers
Dr. Rosario C. Alzona
is an independent organization development consultant. Some of her expertise includes organizational assessment, culture management, change management, strategic operational planning, procedures formulation, and learning & development.

Prior to this, she was affiliated with other organizations, such as: Enchanted Kingdom, Sun
Microsystems Philippines, Inc., Andersen Consulting, Sol Open Resource Center, Nutrition Center of the Philippines, Educational Planning and Research Center, and the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Natural Resources Research and Development.

Dr. Alzona has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Statistics from the University of the Philippines. She earned her Doctorate degree in Organization Development from the Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute. Further, she has completed other professional programs, such as: Certificate in Strategic Human Resource Transformation and Organization Development
and Institute for Attractions Managers.