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Brand Management

Course Name Brand Management

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Price: Php 17,700

With competencies gained in this creativity-stimulating hands-on immersion in product development and brand management, you will attain the ultimate purpose of a marketer: to build a market defining brand. Sharpen practice with proven brand/product building knowledge from experts in the field. Know practical tips on when to use single, multiple, or co-branding product strategies. Integrate product development and brand strategy. Interactive and expertly coached exercises will enable you to develop a real feel for the aesthetic and functional aspects of product/brand building.


After the course, you will:

1.   Understand and manage the intimate relationship
      between products and brands, the synergy of which
      is essential to sustain successful marketing;
2.   Gain insights on how to develop profitable products
      that fulfill the brand promise and personality;
3.   Develop the art of juggling brand and product portfolios;
      avoid losing one through the gaps or being squeezed
      out by overlaps;
4.   Know practical tips about when to use single, multiple, 
      or co-branding product strategies;
5.   Competently define and craft the positioning statement
      of the brand, which is imperative to brand building;
6.   Learn the secrets not only to taking brands aloft, but keeping
      them up in the sky, avoiding common traps; and
7.   Have a better view of other dimensions/trends in
      contemporary brand marketing in the  Philippines.

Who should attend

1.  Marketing and sales professionals as well as entrepreneurs
     who want a better understanding of how to market products
     in a more accurate, insightful, creative and systematic
2.  Middle management professionals preparing
     for general management positions.


I.   Mastering Product Management:
     And They Lived Happily  Ever After
     A.  How to effectively build an optimal product mix and line
          without gaps or cannibalization
     B.  Product life management  
           1. Repositioning by function, target or market, price
           2. Product mix, line and category extensions
           3. Product improvements
     C.  Matching the marketing mix to product life cycle stage
     D.  Case exercises: Non-financial product portfolio analysis

II.  Mastering Brand Management   
     A.  Brand strategy development process: Review of how
           to build an icon!
     B.  Extending a Brand: How to leverage icons
           1.  Types of brand extensions: Branching out
           2.  Advantages and pitfalls of extending a Brand:
                Don't hang out on a limb
           3.  Managing the brand through its life cycle:
                The Brand Plan
     C.  Brand portfolio management: How to manage Stars
           1.  Brand portfolios and market segmentation:
                Laying out stars in the sky
           2.  Multi-brand strategies: Stars for everyone?
           3.  Multi-brand limitations: Falling stars

III. Integration
    A.  Case exercises
    B.  Group presentation

Resource Speakers
Prof. Tomas B. Lopez, Jr.

is the director of the Asian Center for Entrepreneurship and Management Education, Inc. and president of the University of Makati. Until he retired from the Asian Institute of Management in 2008, Prof. Lopez was the Institute's 'Guru' of services marketing and the emerging field of one-to-one marketing. He is also an adjunct marketing faculty at the S.P. Jain Center for Management at its Dubai and Singapore Campuses for its Global MBA Program. His other areas of specialization include social marketing, development communication, corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship, strategic management, and information technology. He was also appointed as a Trustee in Pag-ibig representing the government sector.

A much sought-after consultant and speaker by private, government and non-government institutions, Prof. Lopez sits on the boards of several other marketing and trading organizations in the Philippines and in the United States.

Mr. Lopez holds a Master in Management (With Distinction) from the Asian Institute of Management (1983). He took his undergraduate courses at the Ateneo de Manila University.