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Building a Successful Distribution Infrastructure

Course Name Building a Successful Distribution Infrastructure

Price: Php 11,800

Even the best marketing and advertising campaigns go to waste if the brand or product is poorly distributed in retail channels consumers shop in. Building a Successful Distribution Infrastructure provides a 360-degree overview of the key elements needed in making products available at the right place, time, quantity, and cost to drive sales and market share growth in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. Gain an overview of the Philippine retail landscape and discuss the process of how to design the ideal mix retail formats, such as: supermarkets, grocery stores, and general trade outlets (sari-sari stores and palengke) to support brand strategies and goals. Actual retail industry data, updated distribution development planning templates, and real life examples will be made available.


After the course, you will:
1.  Gain an overview of the Philippine retail landscape and consumer shopping habits;
2.  Understand how to translate brand plans into retail channel strategies;
3.  Learn how to design a distribution infrastructure in both modern and general trade to achieve sales and market share goals;
4.  Learn the importance of using retail performance standards to drive business growth and closely monitor operation; and
5.  Learn how to effectively manage distributors in their areas of assignment to increase productivity.

Who should attend

The course is skewed heavily towards the FMCG industry. Learning is applicable to Head of Sales, Head of Marketing, Field Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, Trade Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, and aspiring Distributor Managers who would like to set-up their own distribution company in the future.


I.    Overview of the changing Philippine retail landscape

  • The Modern Trade Channel - supermarkets, C-stores, department stores
  •  Where the mass market shops: understanding the dynamics in serving the lower trade channels - sari-sari stores, wet markets, public markets

II.     Understanding consumer shopping behaviorin the Philippines
III.    Developing a retail channel strategy
IV.     Going granular on territory planning
V.      Modern trade channel development
VI.    Building distribution in the lower trade
VII.   Setting performance standards for success
VIII.  Managing distributors - an extension of your sales force
IX.     The role of wholesalers
X.      Conducting territory business reviews
XI.     Linking distribution to logistics (order fulfillment)

Resource Speakers
Mr. Gregory H. Banzon

is the Vice President and General Manager of Century Canning Corporation.

Mr. Jose Romulo N. Buhay

is the President and Senior Consultant of LEAD Innovative Learning Inc. He is responsible for client services/relations, program diagnostics and development, as well as project deployment.

Mr. Norman L. Zara

 is a consultant and life coach with extensive experience in setting up key departments, change management, and people development. He contributed to several business turnarounds in industries, such as: FMCGs, lifestyle, and pharmaceuticals.