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The Business of Treasury: Corporate Perspective

Course Name The Business of Treasury: Corporate Perspective

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Price: Php 16,200

This three-day course provides a fundamental understanding of the business of treasury in the corporate setting. It is specifically designed for upper to middle level officers directly responsible for the supervision of the Treasury activities, from funds sourcing and management, to risk trading and risk mitigation naming others. Functional responsibilities and procedures are learned through lectures, discussions, and exercises. 


After the course, you will:

1. Gain comprehensive understanding of the latest strategies, techniques and tools for an efficient treasury function;

2. Be able to examine in detail the complexities of all treasury management issues while expanding the essential concepts and the inherent risks;

3. Learn to analyze the intricacies of the modern financial markets, enabling organizations to maintain control over increasingly complex interest rate and currency exposures;

4. Discover the latest strategies for measuring and managing risks, while effectively controlling funds held by your organizations;

5. Understand how macroeconomic policies affect key variables like interest rates and exchange rates and assess current and future outlook in respect of these, locally and globally;

6. Be able to grasp basic concepts of treasury products that are available to the organization to manage the cash flow, their investments, their balance sheet; and

7. Gain insight and appreciation of the crucial role treasury operations play as support function.

Who should attend

This module is designed for middle management level to senior executive, who is active in or in charge of treasury activities such as: chief financial officers, finance, treasurers, corporate treasury managers.


I.     Understanding the business of treasury
II.    Managing working capital  
        A. Cash and liquidity management
        B. Cash flow dynamics, cash flow forecasting , cash flow valuation
        C. Short-term funding and investment instruments
        D. Using debt instruments: bank debts and capital market debts
III.   Foreign exchange and interest rate products
IV.   Treasury operations management
V.    Vendor management and choosing corporate treasury application
VI.   Accounting as a control vehicle

Resource Speakers
Ms. Carmela Aquino-Pama

 is the Integration Project Manager of the Philippine National Bank (PNB) and Allied Banks.

Mr. John Philip Te

is a Vice President of a global commercial bank, handling derivatives structuring and solution. He is also the Executive Director of the Risk Core Solutions Group.