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Candid Conversations for Better Relationships

Course Name Candid Conversations for Better Relationships
Personal Mastery Series
Schedule May 24, 2018 - May 25, 2018

Thursday - Friday

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Price: Php 12, 800.00

It is a common desire of people to create more harmonious, and productive relationships. Yet, most of us relate with others applying “what we know works or what we think works for us.”  Thus sometimes what we intend and how we behave become two different stories depending on our audience.  And we wonder how did that go so wrong?

This program is about taking pause and examining our dealings with different people.  How do we approach each person with a meaningful conversation; in the process, enabling us to increase our empathy and create better, healthier interpersonal relationships? It is designed to improve relations with others, unlearn the habitual language of rejection, and acquire a new language of acceptance.  It shows how to reach a listener's mind; how to capture his heart.  


To develop an awareness of feelings, and appreciation for a fitting language to convey understanding, unlearn the habitual language of rejection, and acquire a new language of acceptance.

Who should attend

For career men and women, professionals, people in management & leadership engaged in continuous improvement


I. Your relationships under a microscope

A. What makes relationships successful? 

B. What makes relationships fail?

C. Perceptual positioning: Taking the 2nd and 3rd position

II.  Stakeholders and key messages

A. What is stakeholder?

B. Key message: What do you want to say? What impact will that have on your stakeholder?

III. Creating congruent conversations

A. IBI (Intention-Behavior-Impact)

B. Listening to connect

C. Giving and receiving feedback

D. 3 levels of conversation

IV. Becoming the person you want to be

A. Down-regulating and up-regulating

B. Applying the wheel of change

V. Creating rapport

A. Building physical & verbal rapport

B. Reframing & changing outcomes

C. Increasing empathy

Resource Speakers
Ms. Agnes Cordero

has more than 20 years of experience in heading different human resource centers of excellence in big multinational and local companies, spanning diverse industries such as financial services, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, fast food and retail, and FMCG. Her key competencies are in the areas of leadership and executive development, talent management, and organizational development. 

Previously, she has led HR centers of excellence for talent management and organizational development in Globe Telecom and Novartis Healthcare. She also held director-level positions for corporate learning and development teams in Jollibee Foods Corporation and Philamlife. More recently, she has focused on HR business partnering for Mead Johnson Nutrition and Philip Morris International.

She is able to manage various talent pipeline programs, succession planning and strategic recruitment, working closely with business unit heads to formulate a sustainable talent strategy for the companies. She has designed and developed competency based talent development framework to enable career progression for leaders. She has also been involved in various visioning, strategic planning, and executive team integration and effectiveness programs.

Ms. Cordero is a graduate of Organizational Communication and Business Management from De La Salle University and has a post graduate diploma in Organizational Development from DLSU– College of Saint Benilde. She is a certified NLP practitioner and is on her way to earning her coaching and mentoring credits from the IIC&M and ICF, both international certification organizations for executive coaching.