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Career Advancement Planning

Course Name Career Advancement Planning
HR Best Practices for Line Leaders Series
Schedule August 19, 2019 - August 20, 2019

Monday - Tuesday 

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Price: Php 12,800

Many high performing members of the organization do not stay long due to unanswered questions about their future. Some of their common queries include the following:

  •   Are there training or development interventions for my professional and personal upliftment?
  •   Where do I see myself three, five, or ten years from now in this organization?
  •   Are career paths designed for critical positions?

Career Advancement Planning provides line executives with comprehensive and systematic actions to professional and personal movements in the organization. This workshop will guide you in validating strengths and weaknesses, formulation of career paths and development plans, and identification of appropriate training/development programs.


After the course, you will:
1. Identify strengths and areas of improvement for future critical positions;
2. Determine possible career strategies through the TOWS analysis;
3. Formulate personal career paths in line with identified interests; and
4. Discuss career plans with upper management for alignment
with organizational needs and opportunities.    

Who should attend

The program is designed for line executives, managers, supervisors, and team leaders, who work hand in hand with HR to implement its systems, policies, and procedures.  HR personnel who design and monitor policies may also attend to have a clearer understanding of the responsibilities
and difficulties of line leaders.


I. Introduction and Rationale              
    A. HRM wheel of deliverables
    B. Distinction between manpower
        and career planning

II. Career Planning and Its Value
    A. Benefits of career planning
    B. Career planning framework

III. Formulating Career Strategies

   A. Five P’s of career planning
    1. Self discovery and assessment (person)
    2. Guided exploration (perspective)
    3. Culture in my organization (place)
    4. Possible options (possibilities)
    5. Development strategies (plan)

B. Major Career Stages and Issues
    1. Establishment stage (Age: 20 - 34)
    2. Maintenance stage (Age: 35 - 50)
    3. Late career stage (Age: 51 - 60)
    4. Decline stage (Age: 61 - beyond)

   C. Career Planning Cycle
    1. Personal profile analysis
    2. Development of career path
    3. Self evaluation and analysis (TOWS)
    4. Formulation of career alternatives
    5. Implementation and monitoring
        of career plans

   D. Discussion of Career Plan
         with Upper Management
    1. Critical steps for discussion
    2. Do’s and don'ts for discussion
    3. Role play

   E. Succession Planning
    1. Rationale of succession planning
    2. Sample forms

   F. Integration

Resource Speakers
Mr. Armando T. Bongco, Jr

is a Professional Management and Organization Development Consultant specializing in leadership supervisory and management development, strategic planning, performance management, coaching and counseling, training and development, human resource for line leaders, and organization transformation.

He was a Consultant and HRDG Manager of United Laboratories, Inc., Senior Manager for Organization Development and Training Manpower Department of First Holdings Group of Companies, Head for Manpower Training and Development Department of the Human Resources Division of Ayala Group of Companies, and Staff Planning Assistant for the Human Resources Division- San Miguel Corporation.

Mr. Bongco was trained and certified as an official instructor for Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Program by Kepner and Tregoe, Inc., Interaction Management by Development Dimension International, Inc., and Problem Solving and Decision Making by Decision Processes, Inc. He participated and completed numerous seminars conducted by leading foreign and domestic consultancy firms in various areas of HRM.