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Corporate Finance Business Forum

Course Name Corporate Finance Business Forum
Current Trends and Best Practices

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Price: Php 6,400

Learning the fundamental theories and the practical business applications of Corporate Finance is only half the battle. In this time of worldwide financial chaos, arming yourself with insights can clear up the fog of uncertainty; prompting you to make sound financial decisions with higher precision and confidence.

The Corporate Finance Business Forum is a great venue to convene with financial veterans whose main goal is to share current trends and real-life stories of what is happening in the field of finance and how businesses today heavily rely on the analytical and methodical decision-making abilities of a corporate finance practitioner.

This one-day forum will open up your eyes to a wider perspective of how corporate finance once practiced excellently can change the overall business and economic landscape. Acquire a deeper understanding of corporate finance across various sectors and apply best practices to supplement the concepts and applications.

Who should attend

This course is recommended for individuals involved in the finance/treasury function across industry lines, stock, investment and financial analysts of stock brokerage firms, and business entrepreneurs who would like to put a better handle on their firms' financial affairs.


Financing the Build, Build, Build Program

Ms. Sharon Almanza

Deputy Treasurer of the Philippines 

Bureau of the Treasury

Real Estate Sector Finance

Ms. Ana Bess Pingol

Senior Vice President, Chief Finance Officer, Federal Land Inc.

Sukuk Bonds, Green Bonds, and Inflation Linked Bonds

Mr. Jaime Mendejar

Senior Vice President, Debt Capital Markets, HSBC Philippines