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Global Trade and Finance

Course Name Global Trade and Finance


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Price: Php 18,514

The content summaries cover the essential areas of international trade and finance for which the course is structured accordingly. The course provides the foundational knowledge for trade and finance professionals focusing on areas of vital importance - terms of payment, financing of trade and currency risk management. This knowledge is immediately applied using fully-worked, illustrative examples and a case study on creating an Offshore RMB domestically enabled by a significantly important infrastructure. It introduces Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) as a global trade and finance product.


After the course, you will:

1. Gain a foundational knowledge for Global Trade & Finance, focusing on areas of vital importance – terms of payment, financing of trade and risk management;

2. Be able to understand and apply relevant provisions of ICC rules and regulations (UCP 600, ISBP 745, URC 522, Incoterms, URDG 758, ISP 98) LCs, Collections and Open Account sales;

3. Develop an appreciation  on how to generate risk-adjusted returns in Trade & Treasury transactions thru fee-based income, FX spread and net interest income to achieve higher return on economic capital (ROEC);

4. Be introduced to Bank Payment Obligation as a new term of payment; and

5. Be able to discuss creation of an Offshore RMB domestically and the advantages of RMB as an alternative invoicing currency to the USD. 

Who should attend
  • International trade officers
  • Risk & compliance officers
  • Front and back office operations
  • Account managers
  • Treasury officers
  • Trade officers

I.   Introduction to global trade

II.   Letter of credit as a payment term

          A. Terms of trade payment

              1. Cash advance

              2. Letter of credit

              3. Documentary collection

              4. Open account

              5. Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)

          B. Letter of credit

              1. Uniform Customs and Practice for

                  Documentary Credits (UCP) ICC 600 

              2. Types of letter of credit

              3. Shipping documents    

III.  Letter of credit as a trade finance

          A. Trade finance

              1. Elements of trade finance

              2. Trade finance alternatives

IV.  Life cycle of a letter of credit 

V.   Trade and Treasury Services

          A. Risk management

               1. Risks in trade

               2. Major bank risks

          B. Currency risk management

               1. Risk identification

               2. Hedging risks

          C. Bank performance metric

               1. Sources of revenues / income

               2. Return on economic capital

Resource Speakers
Mr. Roy B. Lacsamana

is a global facilitative trainer for the Money & Capital Markets, Foreign Exchange, Essentials of Financial Derivatives, Enterprise Risk Management, Global Trade & Finance, Elliott Wave Analysis, Counterparty Credit Risk, Credit Valuation Adjustment and Market Value at Risk, Applied Quantitative Finance courses, for Central Banks, SEC, universal banks, financial institutions, multinational corporations, local conglomerates, business schools, professional associations, shared services, private individuals conducted in key Asian, Middle Eastern and European financial centers. 

He certifies Money Market and Foreign Exchange traders thru the BAP-Institute of Banking Treasury Certification Program, facilitates the Ateneo-BAP Institute of Banking Treasury Operations Certificate Program, designs and develops e-learning courses.

Mr. Lacsamana is also the author of the BAP FX Accounting Manual, Corporate Risk 

Management Manual, Debt and Fund Management Policy Manuals, The PH Code of Conduct and Market Practices (The PH Model Code) for Treasury Activities, and The Global Finance Professional Training Program. He is also co-author of the BAP Financial Market Risk Reference Manual.

Mr.Lacsamana is fascinated and has fun with Fibonacci, the Fingerprint of God.