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Hiring the Right Talent

Course Name Hiring the Right Talent
HR Best Practices for Line Leaders Series
Schedule February 2, 2018 - February 3, 2018

Friday - Saturday 

9:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Price: Php 12,800

What does it take to find the right one?  An organization’s success is influenced by the right people placed at the right career opportunity.   Hiring plays a strategic role in ensuring that business results are delivered by capable and highly motivated individuals. 

Hiring the Right Talent provides an overview of what happens behind the recruitment experience.  This 2-day program showcases an understanding of the entire recruitment process and the value of hiring to an organization’s business results.  It empowers you to plan, select, and commit to a well-thought hiring decision for the benefit of the business, stakeholders, and the new hire.


After the course, you will:
1. Identify the entire recruitment process and its relevant tools;
2. Determine effective interviewing structure, style, and standards; and
3. Apply recruitment and interviewing concepts at work.

Who should attend

The program is designed for line supervisors/managers (especially those who do not have formal training and experience in hiring)


I. The World of Recruitment
    A. The funnel: Attracting and selecting
         the target candidate
        1. Job requisition
        2. Branding and marketing
        3. Sourcing
        4. Recruitment operations
        5. On-boarding
    B. Right tool kit for choosing the one
        1. Job description
        2. Hiring profile
        3. Selection tollgates

II. The Art of Interviewing
    A. I, myself, and me:
        Readiness as an interviewer
    B. Before the big yes: interview process
        before making the hiring decision
        1. Introduction and setting of expectations
        2. Key background review
        3. Competency screening
        4. Job and motivational fit
        5. Overview of company and career opportunity
        6. Candidate time
        7. Closure and next steps
    C. Truths versus what if’s:
        Competency-based interviewing
        1. Discerning the competency
        2. Formatting interview questions
        3. The decision-making process
    D. My good, my bad:
        Do’s and don’ts during interviews
        1. Setting the environment
        2. Avoiding the forbidden questions
        3. Making an impression

III. The Real Deal: Applying Theory into Practice
    A. Recruitment planning
    B. Job description writing
    C. Mock interviewing (video-taped)
    D. Learning through critiquing

Resource Speakers
Ms. Karen Joyce E. Abcede

is the Asia Pacific Recruitment Transformation Leader in one of the biggest technology companies in the world. She leads the organization's over-all recruitment process improvements across all countries in ASEAN, Korea, New Zealand and Australia. In addition, her background is extensive in recruitment operations, hiring data analytics, business controls and implementation of HR tools as well as Applicant Tracking Systems.