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Marketing Research

Course Name Marketing Research
Schedule May 30, 2019 - May 31, 2019

Thursday - Friday

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Price: Php 12,800

Sun Tzu said, Know the Terrain, Know the Enemy, Know Yourself. This could not be more true and realized through Marketing Research to verify gut feel about consumer markets and minimize market risk with sound analysis, proof, and experience. Learn how a rational qualitative/quantitative research process of consumer behavior reveals critical insights to satisfy and delight not only stated but latent consumer desires. Evaluate and enhance the competitive strength of your brand/product and service. Use marketing research to wise up to broad strokes in strategic planning and the fine details of effective tactical planning and execution.


Understand what marketing research is and see how it supports and rationalizes key elements of marketing strategy formulation and implementation process i.e. strategic and tactical aspects.

Develop a powerful positioning strategy, know who your customers should be and your value proposition to them based on the following:

1. Know what insight motivates consumers to a particular product or brand instead of that from its competitors. In the process, you will fully understand consumption behavior, attitudes, and psychological profile of your consumers with which you can develop products and brands that fit consumer needs;

2. Obtain information to segment markets in new ways that redefine competitive dynamics as you get to know (profile) your existing and potential customers, and develop more relevant and compelling product/brand value propositions;

3. See how research is used to identify what combination of product or brand features and benefits will compel purchase;

4. See how price sensitivity research helps you optimize price levels that match consumers value perception and maximize profit for you;

5. Validate the effectiveness of your marketing communications and sales promotions strategies; and

6. Let research open your eyes to your brand health, its competitive strength, and its equity for better or worse.

Who should attend

1. Marketing and sales professionals as well as entrepreneurs who want a better understanding of how to market products in a more accurate, insightful, creative, and systematic manner

2. Middle management professionals preparing for general management positions

  • The why and what, the role of marketing research (qualitative and quantitative/primary and secondary)
  • Insighting, market trends, and other qualitative research methods
  • The marketing research cycle, how research supports the marketing strategy planning and implementation process
  • The marketing research process
  • UAI studies (Usage Attitude Image Research), concept testing and other quantitative methods
Resource Speakers
Ms. Eleanor S. Modesto

is the Digital Strategy Advisor of Nurun, the global digital network of Publicis Worldwide. She conducts workshops on creativity, presentation skills, new business and marketing communications around the Asia Pacific Region. She is a regular resource person in advertising, brand building, and marketing for conferences, summits, workshops, seminars, and media interviews. Ms. Modesto has also been a speaker and facilitator at the Asia Pacific Media Forum held every two years in Bali, Indonesia.


"MDP broadened my views and opened up a whole new world for me. It made me appreciate marketing, especially ethnography and market research, how to use science and art of marketing and discover what makes people tick."
- Gracie Dar Santos