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Professionalism and Social Graces

Course Name Professionalism and Social Graces
Schedule August 24, 2017 - August 25, 2017

Thursday - Friday 

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Price: Php 11,800

Though times have changed and technology rules our everyday lives, there are still common courtesies that are expected from a business professional. Aside from the usual knowledge and personality, employers are also looking for attitude and style. Will the employee fit in the company culture? Will he/she be able to represent the organization during corporate events?

Professionalism and Social Graces is a two-day course where you will learn to act appropriately in any social setting and project a positive self image. 


After the course, you will:

1. Enhance your professionalism;

2. Present yourself confidently in and out of the company;

3. Exhibit appropriate behavior during business transactions and social interactions; and

4. Participate in fine dining with proper behavior in giving cocktails and participating therein.

Who should attend

The course is designed for entry-level employees and young professionals to equip them on basics of good grooming, business and social etiquette


I.  Introduction to Personality

A. Definition and Basics of Personality

B. Analyzing Strengths and Weaknesses

C. Self-esteem and its Features

II. The Developing Personality

A. Influences of Personality

B. Stages of Development

III. General Grooming

A. Basics of Good Grooming

B. Wardrobe for Men

C. Wardrobe for Women

IV. Professionalism in the Workplace

A. Good Manners and Right Conduct

B. Becoming a Polite Conversationalist

C. Dealing with Co-employees and VIPs

D. Poise under Pressure

E. Acting on Tough Decisions

V. Netiquette

A. E-mail

B. Text Message

C. Social Media

VI. Phone Etiquette

A. Speaker Phone

B. Answering Machine

C. Voice Mail

VII. Social Graces

A. Introduction Shaking Hands

B. Social Graces in Public Places

C. Etiquette and Attire in Parties

D. The Calling Card

VIII. Dining Etiquette

A. The Table Setting

B. Getting Started

C. While Dining

D. Toasting

Resource Speakers
Ms. Rosemarie Penalba

is a College Professor at City College of Tagaytay. She conducts effective facilitating and teaching skills in topics such as Personality Development, Power Dressing, Business Etiquette, Customer Service, Events Management, Tourism Planning and Development and Hospitality Law.

Prior to this, she held other posts, such as: Manager of Paradizoo Theme Farm; Events and Sales Director and Image Consultant of Beyond Thinking Marketing and Events Consultancy Services; HR Trainer and Marketing Specialist of MML Development Center Foundation, Inc.; and HR Trainer of Manila Electric Company. 

Ms. Penalba earned her Bachelor's degree in English from Philippine Christian University.