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Risk Management in Banking: (Module 1) Principles and Framework

Course Name Risk Management in Banking: (Module 1) Principles and Framework

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Price: Php 19,500

The Bank Risk Management (BRM) is a two-module intermediate level qualification and certification on bank risk management. It provides a qualitative introduction to bank risk and bank risk management. The aim is to produce a highly accessible and acceptable guide to the practices and procedures for managing risk in banking to as wide an audience as possible.

It focuses on a wide range of risk management issues such as regulatory, credit, market, operational and liquidity risks. The goal is to assist the student develop a comprehensive understanding of bank risk management activities without getting lost in quantitative mathematical sophistication.

The content is presented in an easily readable format to enable students to understand key qualitative risk factors and how they impact risk management. Each chapter contains numerous illustrative examples and case studies of real life situations to enable students to relate theory to real world events.

The Qualification has two modules:

Module 1 – Risk Management in Banking: Principles and Framework

Module 2 – Risk Management in Banking: Risk Models, Capital 

                    and Asset Liability Management


Offers a broad based understanding of the types of risk faced by banks and how these risks may be identified, assessed and managed. It is to enable general banking executives to understand key risk management concepts and discuss developments in bank risk management intelligently.

Who should attend

- Risk management entry level  executive

- Operations

- Internal audit

- Treasury

- Accounting and finance

- Legal


Chapter 1: Concepts of Bank Risks

Chapter 2: Risk Management Principles 

                  and Framework

Chapter 3: Risk Management Process

Chapter 4: International Risk Regulation

Chapter 5: Credit Risk

Chapter 6:  Identification of Credit Risk

Chapter 7: Operational Risk

Chapter 8: Identification of Operational Risk

Chapter 9: Market Risk

Chapter 10: Liquidity Risk

Resource Speakers
Mr. John Philip Te

is a Vice President of a global commercial bank, handling derivatives structuring and solution. He is also the Executive Director of the Risk Core Solutions Group.