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Services Marketing

Course Name Services Marketing
Schedule May 2, 2017 - May 4, 2017

Tuesday - Thursday 

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Price: Php 17,700

Services Marketing is probably one of the few growth markets in today's economies, which are plagued by commoditization, shifting labor, and consumer markets. New market opportunities exist worldwide to serve aging populations and the booming Internet market. Learn how to capitalize on a challenging but potentially lucrative service industry; where sustainable  differentiation demands effective management of human resource and work process. Learn how to make creative and experiential promotion strategies to effectively communicate intangible benefits. Understand how you can serve micro-marketing opportunities with a personal touch (Parang Katabi) enhanced by information technology and the Internet. Not anyone can be a uniquely successful service marketer, but with the proper skills, you have the best chance.


After the course, you will:

  1. Identify the critical difference between marketing of services vs. tangible products;
  2. Appreciate how services can be a major strategic competitive advantage;
  3. Learn how personnel training and effective work systems are key factors to successful service performance;
  4. Apply information technology and the web to enhance, not hinder, services processing and delivery;
  5. Identify critical roles of customers for a successful service delivery process; and
  6. Acquire a good working knowledge and practical tips on how to win customer loyalty and avoid common traps in customer relations management.
Who should attend

1.   Marketing and sales professionals as well as entrepreneurs who
      want a better understanding of how to market products in a more
      accurate, insightful creative and systematic manner.
2.   Middle management professionals preparing for general
      management positions.


I.  Marketing (A Review)
    A.    The Marketing Mix : 4 Ps vs. 4 Cs
    B.    Consumer market and buying behavior

II. Introduction to Services Marketing

    A.    Working definitions of service
    B.    Importance of services in our economy
    C.    Basic differences between goods and services
    D.    The services marketing mix – 3Ps People/Process/Physical Evidence
    E.    The service culture and environment
    F.     Service management processes
    G.    The power of integrated marketing communication

III. Strategic Marketing Planning: Your firm and the market place

    A.    External environment - Opportunities and Threats
    B.    Internal environment - Strengths and Weaknesses
    C.    Segmentation and target market
    D.    Positioning

IV. In Search of Service Leaders
    A.    Profiling a Customer Centric and Future Service
    B.    Becoming a Customer Intimate Organization:
           A Business Case

V. Integration
    Group presentations of Service Model
    applied to a local company

Resource Speakers
Ms. Anamaria Mercado

has several years experience in the fields of business development and management, process improvement, and training & development. Her corporate life included 12 years in a multinational company where she started as a Marketing Analyst and later became a Group Manager for Sales and Marketing.

She is the Program Director for Service Excellence and Six Sigma Programs in the Ateneo Graduate School of Business-Center for Continuing Education. 


"The program will help me improve my company's service process. It somehow opened my eyes to new and totally new perspectives in management. Excellent job Mr. Soriano!."

- John Elija Africa Managing Director, Blue Phoenix


"Mr. Soriano is truly a guru of services marketing. He not only possesses abundant knowledge and expertise on the subject, but puts soul and purpose behind the lessons, I'll recommend this to colleagues ."

- Gracie Pabellan Owner, Gratzie Unlimited Enterprise