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Stand Out and Win in Crowded Markets

Course Name Stand Out and Win in Crowded Markets

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Price: Php 11,800

Stand Out and Win in Crowded Markets will challenge you, as managers and business owners, to shun costly and high risk "head-on" competition. It aims to encourage you to create new markets and categories that offer high growth and profit opportunities rather than stay and compete in crowded, cutthroat ones. This course will provide world-class analytical tools in finding new market opportunities adjacent to existing businesses. It will also teach powerful action frameworks needed to navigate businesses to newer, bigger, and more profitable segments. This is done while driving costs down. 

Businesses are able to drive hyper-growth by dominating new markets not crowded by competition.


After the course, you will:
1.  Learn the importance of innovation and value creation;
2.  Be equipped with tools needed in analyzing current business models and finding adjacent new markets that businesses can dominate while avoiding competition;
3.  Understand buyer purchase cycles and find gaps that can grow to new categories;
4.  Apply world-class frameworks to navigate your brands and businesses from crowded markets to new, uncontested categories;
5.  Master the different avenues of  innovation and value creation that businesses can pursue in entering new markets and creating more profitable categories; and
6.  Implement a new market and value creation strategy.

Who should attend


Business owners

Marketing managers

Brand managers

R&D/Product development managers

Advertising creative and account managers


Part I

The importance of innovation and value creation

Comparing new category creation versus cutthroat competition

Analyzing the current business model

The value innovation creation framework: bring costs down, drive value up

Going beyond existing demand


Part II

Exploring possible new business models

The avenues of value innovation and new market creation

Navigating and selecting a new business model

Chartering and monitoring progress in transitioning to new categories

Resource Speakers
Mr. Gregory H. Banzon

is the Vice President and General Manager of Century Canning Corporation.