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Mr. Stephen Cutler

lectures on business leadership, technology, international security and terrorism, and is a subject matter expert for Philippines and international media on those topics. He consults with both Filipino and multi-national companies and Philippine government on high-level security matters, including infrastructure development projects and critical infrastructure protection, especially cyber security matters.

During the past ten years, he has conducted risk assessments of a wide variety of commercial establishments, including hotels and high-rise office buildings. He has taught classes to government, private industry security leaders and university students on disaster preparation, disaster response planning, disaster and major incident management and related topics.

Mr. Cutler is retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after a twenty-two year career. He served as a uniformed police officer at a mid-sized County Police Department in the United States prior to service with the FBI. He earned a PhD from the Philippine College of Criminology, the oldest and most respected school in that field in the Philippines. He published two articles in international professional magazines, is currently a regular contributor to security and disaster management related publications, and is writing and collaborating on two books. 

He is now a Director of Guide Meridian, a Philippine company that specializes in data collection, analysis and management.