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I am an MBA student at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. How do I earn credits for the courses I attended at Ateneo CCE? What other information should I know when crediting units for my MBA?

This is to set the implementing rules and regulations for selected CCE courses for credit as MBA elective effective June 1, 2013.

1. CCE course credit as MBA electives is available for registered students of the MBA
Standard, Middle Managers, Regis and MBA Health of AGSB.

2. MBA Standard, Middle Managers, Regis and MBA Health students who would like to
have CCE courses credited towards their MBA should write a letter of intent addressed
to CCE’s Executive Director subject to CCE’s approval. A letter template is attached.

3. Ateneo CCE shall submit a list of course offerings (at least one CCE course per
term/trimester) to the Registrar’s Office one week prior to enrollment of MBA Standard,
Middle Managers, Regis and MBA Health programs. Selected CCE programs will be
uploaded at the appropriate time.

4. Ateneo CCE courses for MBA elective credits are only valid to a maximum validity of five
(5) years from the start date of the course or program.

5. Along with the course offerings per term/trimester, CCE shall provide the Registrar's
Office with the LIST OF STUDENTS PER COURSE which the Registrar in turn shall preenlist
into the system.

6. Ateneo CCE shall determine the number of elective units based on the training hours of
the chosen CCE course for MBA elective credits.

7. MBA students should render the minimum training hours and fulfill the course
requirements. Failure to comply with attendance AND course requirements will incur an
incomplete (INC) grade. Make-up and deferment policy of CCE shall apply.