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14th Diploma Program in Corporate Finance


July 21, 2021 - December 11, 2021

*Schedules and prices may change without prior notice. 

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Php 104,500

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July 07, 2021

14th Diploma Program in Corporate Finance


This intensive online program is designed as a career-empowerment vehicle toward the most senior and rewarding careers in finance. It offers the participant the opportunity to acquire and develop the skills and competencies required of an investment banker, the strategic approaches and techniques of a consultant, and the analytical and methodical decision-making abilities of a corporate finance director.

Presented in three modules, the program fuses the discipline's fundamental theories and concepts into practical business applications and processes, from simple financial resource deployment to wealth and value creation. 

The program draws heavily on the strength of the module facilitators who are all recognized industry practitioners with sterling credentials and the Ateneo de Manila University as a learning institution with the highest standards of academic rigor.

Who should attend

This course is recommended for individuals involved in the finance/treasury function across industry lines who would like to take their skills and abilities to the next level, junior finance practitioners interested in enhancing their career prospects, career professionals in other disciplines contemplating a career switch, and others who would like to explore in-depth issue/s that has/have direct relevance to their firms.

Successful completion of the course enables the participant to:

  1. Understand the basic objectives, the critical role and the strategic importance of finance in business;
  2.  Acquire and develop the skills and competencies required of a finance professional and   become a proactive and productive member of the management team;
  3. Understand the different capital structure framework models used to assess risk and return in capital allocation and in corporate diversification and risk management, and how these affect the value of the firm;
  4. Learn and apply the best practices/approaches used by finance practitioners in valuing firms, raising funds, assessing and mitigating financial risks, and dealing with financial distress;
  5. Understand the behavior of financial markets from the global and domestic fronts and the factors that affect them; and
  6. Establish a steady stream of networking and business opportunities provided by the     high- profile facilitators and class members.

The program, which employs lectures, interactive discussions, case studies and practical exercises, covers the following areas:

A.  Objectives, role and importance of finance
B.  Financial statement analysis
C.  Financial planning 
D.  Mathematics of finance and investment
E.  Working capital management    
F.   Capital budgeting

A.  Investment portfolio creation    
B.  Capital structure, financial leverage and cost of capital
C.  Dividend policies and practices
D.  Debt and equity securities
E.  Equity securities analysis
F.   Stock market operation

A.  Company valuation: principles, methods, applications
B.  Investment banking
C.  Mergers and acquisitions
D.  Project finance
E.  Corporate financial risk management
F.   Financial restructuring and bankruptcy
G.  Business forum
         1.  Property sector finance
         2.  Public sector finance
         3.  International corporate finance
         4.  Current trends in the global environment
H.  Integrating project

Mr. Larry S. Esguerra IV is Director for Credit Programs at the Ateneo-BAP Institute of Banking, Program Director for Finance and Accounting at the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education and a Professor of Finance at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. He is also Chief Financial Officer of a multinational construction and engineering firm and a diversified group of companies.

Mr. Esguerra has spent the greater part of his professional career in the financial services industry in the United States. Prior to his return to the Philippines, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Bay Federal Credit Union, a California-based, federally chartered credit union servicing the financial needs of military personnel and federal employees of the United States government. He also served as Vice President and Controller of Franklin Bank in Menlo Park, California; Associate Director of Capital Strategies Limited, a Hong Kong-based investment banking firm; and Resident Auditor of Citibank, N.A. in the Philippines.

Mr. Esguerra holds a Bachelors degree in accounting from the University of the Philippines and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. He is a Certified Public Accountant.


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