Course Name

Analytics for Business: Discovering Insights from Data (Iloilo Campus)


Thursday - Friday 
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Venue: Ateneo Graduate School of Business - Iloilo Campus
2F, Chusuey Gymnasium, Ateneo de Iloilo,
Pacencia T. Pison Ave, Mandurriao, Iloilo City,
5000 Iloilo

Regular Rate:

Php 12,800

Early Eagle Rate:

Php 11,800

Analytics for Business: Discovering Insights from Data (Iloilo Campus)


In the age of big data, it is almost effortless to obtain information and data sets that can be helpful in improving our strategies and making a decision. But the amount of data available can also be overwhelming and confusing. Examining, analyzing, and presenting the data, with only a minimal understanding of the right methods and tools, can result to misleading presentations and futile strategies. 

As we progress in this Digital Economy, everyone should be able to effectively collect and structure applicable meaning from data and translate it into a compelling presentation.

This two-day program combines the basics of data analytics such as methods for analyzing and using statistical data; and the fundamentals of data and results presentation through the use of appropriate visual representation including frequency tables, charts, scatterplots, among others.

Who should attend

This program is ideal for professionals, executives, managers, data analysts, and support staff from Operations, R&D, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and HR who are involved in presentations that may relate to performance, trend analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and others.

After the course, you will:

  1. Gain a basic understanding of sales leadership and its relation to management;
  2. Internalize the 7 characteristics of highly successful Sales managers;
  3. Recognize the need for Creative thinking in sales and how to stimulate it by using  various tools;
  4. Be able to examine the different sales leadership styles, models, and when to apply them;
  5. Be able to differentiate group vs individual decision-making and their nuances; and
  6. Get a good grasp of the fundamentals in developing the necessary plans, tools, and measures to ensure achievement of sales key deliverables.
  • Planning for Data Analysis
    • Concepts in Data Analysis (The Qualitative and Quantitative Research)
    • The Data Analysis Cycle
    • Steps in Data Analysis
  • Data Preparation
    • Techniques for handling and analyzing data
      • Techniques in analyzing high volume of business data
      • Techniques in analyzing high dimensions of business data
  • Data Presentation
    • Understanding Statistical Significance
    • Descriptive Analysis and the Statistical Models
      • The Basics of Descriptive Analysis (Frequency Distribution, Measure of Central Tendency, Variability, Bivariate)
      • Appropriate usage of the Statistical Models (T-Test, ANOVA, Chi-Square) 
      • Testing the Hypothesis
    • Presenting Data Using  Frequency Table, Charts and Graphs
  • Interpretation of data
  • Presentation of Findings
    • Presentation of the Summary of Findings
    • Presenting Conclusion and Recommendations
    • Tips in Writing/Organizing a comprehensive Output

Mr. Charles Benedict Chan

is the General Manager of Neural Mechanics handling the company’s diverse set of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based products.

He started his professional career in Globe Telecom as a Business Management Associate and eventually moved on to become a Senior Product Manager handling Value Added Services and Convergent Services for Globe Broadband. He then transferred to Singapore to work for Procter and Gamble as a Regional Assistant Brand Manager handling multi-million dollar brands such as Pantene shampoos and Joy Dishwashing. He has also experience working for smaller, struggling brands including Braun beauty and grooming, and Fairy Dishwasher Tablets.

Mr. Chan earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of the Philippines – Iloilo Campus.

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