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Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Digital and Social Selling


April 01, 2021

6 Hours self-paced learning content.

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Php 31,500 (For Limited Time Only)

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Digital and Social Selling


Specialism means you can take control. You get the big and clear picture on what can be done. And then you go do it. No more outsourcing. No more waiting around. Build a reputation as someone who really can offer more. Grow your business or your career your way. Stay relevant.

Why choose DMI SPECIALIST in Digital and Social Selling?

Because you are clever. And you appreciate clever things. You find the sleek, silent capability of the media thrilling. You understand that implanting messages in millions of minds is an extraordinary power. You also enjoy the interplay of culture and task – how content is also driving the human conversation forward. How data gives you a deep and true insight into what people think and do. What happens with insight and content come together, and how the message changes and evolves across platforms. You choose the DMI Specialist in Digital and Social Selling because you ‘get it’.

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Who should attend
  • Sharp and experienced players of the digital sales and digital marketing game who aren’t content to be mere players anymore. You want to drive the game. You want to change it.
  • Sales professionals. Marketing Managers. Team leaders. Business Consultants and Developers. Professionals who’ve taken their vision as far as they can go without specialized skills – and plan to fix that
  • Inspired career changers
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneurial
  • Those who realise specialisation gives you a real, sharp, tangible competitive edge - with which to slice through the competition

After the course, you will be able to: 

  1. Work with tools, tactics and the freshest thinking to create campaigns that engage and convert. Define clear and actionable objectives. Measure so you know exactly what you’re doing right; 
  2. Understand human beings (thanks to data) and apply that understanding to your purposes;
  3. Take your message fluently across the various platforms
  4. Make meaningful content that speaks to the right people

  5. Create and distribute ideas that sink into brains and influence behavior

  6. Reframe customer service as a marketing tool and leverage its power

  7. Take your brand into unexplored territory, study its trajectory, re- calibrate the strategy. Succeed better

Five modules of white-hot techniques and practice to make your online sales go stratospheric. What you are acquiring is digital powers.

1. What is Social Selling?
The ‘high street’ is mutating into something very different. We get our inspiration on Insta and look for authority on Linkedin. Nowadays, when we think of the moment of purchase, many of us get twitchy keyboard fingers. Things just aren’t the same. They’re way better.

This module will cover how the buying journey has taken a whole new, faster and more amazing route within the past ten years and how this means new and awesome selling potential in markets you have yet to tap. Learn how the social networks function as giant and powerful collective minds which need to hum with your message and influence, and how online, the personal brand is king. Also, how to integrate digital sales tools, what is social selling, stages of the sale and how ROI tots up (nicely) in this dynamic new world.

2. The Art of Targeting
Now close your eyes and imagine your perfect target. Who are they? How do they think and what kind of virtual haunts do they hang out in?

We’re going to give you the tools to find them – lots and lots of them. Of course, you may also need to do a little work on yourself. It’s about relevancy and context, putting your brand out there at the right time and place so that you catch their eye. And then, the personal touch. Because connection is even more important on digital, not less. In this module you pick up vital and breath-taking techniques to reach across the internet, connect and keep the love alive with your customer.

    -Craft and refine target personas – know thy target
    -Use social intelligence and social listening (sounds delightfully sinister but isn’t) to monitor online interactions and behavior. Know thy industry
    -Use research and even more social intelligence to help you show up at the right time, say the right things and follow through with a personalised service. It’s about context. And it also helps to know thyself

3. Tools of Attraction
This is where things start to get really clever. Again, context and relevancy are the names of the game. Here we teach you techniques to make sure you show up in your target’s social feeds and pop high in search results. Of course, your ideal target is a smart and interesting human being. So you can anticipate their need for informative, educational social content and make a subtle brand appearance at just the right moment. Create and curate content for social selling and give your brainchildren the best chance out there in the world by choosing the right platform for them. Oh and let us not forget the power of community. Build a network of buyers who love your work.

And then, finally, do everything you’ve done again - only better - thanks to an analysis of content engagement. Consider yourself hot.

4. Increasing Engagement
More deep psyche work here. This is a closer look at the needs and motivations of buyers so that you can add more value with content which truly speaks to them. Make them feel understood; make them feel known. (And they will indeed be known by you, as you will have been applying your bag of digital super-tricks to pick up valuable info about their hang outs, interests and behavior). Curate content
that they desire to see. Analyze how best to satisfy. Build a lasting rapport. Build trust. And mean it.

5. Closing and Retaining
Here’s where the magic happens. In a process akin to alchemy, you transform hope and dreams (yours and theirs) into cool, hard coinage. Of course, this very special moment can be tricky. And is once ever enough?

This module covers how to keep building that buyer community and use social to engage and convert more with a whole cloudful of clever digital tools and techniques. Work out when to up-sell and cross-sell via tools and platforms. Leave your customers happy, and excited about their new relationship with you. And as ever, do reflect on what you’ve done (with analytics and measurement tools comes self-knowledge).

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