Course Name

Program Management: Managing Multiple Projects


April 17, 2020 - April 18, 2020

Friday - Saturday 
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Regular Rate:

Php 17,700

Early Eagle Rate:

Php 16,500

Valid Until:

April 03, 2020

Program Management: Managing Multiple Projects


Program Management: Managing Multiple Projects aides project managers or individuals in planning, organizing, and managing related projects called programs as well independent projects.

In today's world where success is sometimes defined by speed to market characterized by completing simultaneous tasks, program management  is a platform that supports managers in properly and more effectively run development plans. 

Learn about both practical and guidelines in dealing with various tasks and deliverables in this course. 

Who should attend

Project Managers, Program managers or any individual (ex. project sponsors, program manager, product owner or developer) who handle multiple projects. 

Course Objectives:

  1. Differentiate between project, programs, and portfolios;
  2. Learn about PMIs Program Management guidelines;
  3. Understand the different functions of the project manager, program manager, and the PMO; and
  4. Identify different strategies in program management.
  • Basic Project Management concepts vs. Program Management concepts 
    • Stages and phases
    • Process groups
    • Life cycle 
    • Comparison between project and program
  • Program Management
    • Life cycle
    • Knowledge areas
    • Governance
  • Project Management Office 
    • Purpose and model
    • Establishing a PMO 
    • Charter 
  • Strategies for Managing Multiple Projects 
    • Pitfalls
    • Techniques 

Ms. Clarinda M. de la Paz

is a Senior Project Manager in the Program Management Office of the Business Strategy Management Team of Philam Life, an AIA Group Company. Aside from executing projects, she educates and inculcates the Project Management Discipline to assigned project managers and support teams. She performs coaching, guidance, and mentoring to project managers.

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