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Stepback Selling


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Php 12,800.00

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Php 11,800.00

Valid Until:

August 06, 2020

Stepback Selling


Allowing your people to freely exercise their talent, skills, and creativity is an outright display of empowerment. When you permit your people to practice what you've taught them, you're giving them reason to trust you. By giving them permission, you're making them feel that they belong. But this isn't as easy as it appears. There is more to giving permission than “allowing-them-since-you've-already-taught-them.” Many leaders today may find it difficult to step back, or more specifically in this phase, to delegate. The goal of this module is to harness the sales leader's role as an empowering figure, coach, and evaluator.

In this module, we aim to introduce an original QWERTY Evaluation Model, which will help you gauge when you're ready to leave your people to do their task with fear or doubt.

Who should attend

Sales Leaders, Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Sales Supervisors.

After the course, you will:

  1. Empower your team through delegation;
  2. Build and sustain trust within your team; and
  3. Learn to evaluate your delegation process using the QWERTY
    Evaluation Model.

I. Introduction to Stepback Selling

II. The hurdles in giving permission to people

III. The leader as a coach

IV. The art and science of delegation in the Philippines

V. Understanding the QWERTY Evaluation Model

Mr. Lloyd Abria Luna is the founder and CEO of Stepback, a leadership and culture development company that helps leaders and organizations see the bigger picture in life and at work. He has been an Asian motivational speaker for 15 years, delivering an average of 120 inspirational speeches annually.

He is the first Filipino to represent the Philippines in Global Speakers Summit, the first to speak in a French and European Speakers Convention, the first to become member of the board of Global Speakers Federation, and the first Registered Speaking Professional in the Philippines.

He is the youngest board member of the Global Speakers Federation, a $1B industry that has an extended reach to over 53,000 thought leaders that impact over 50,000,000 households every year. It has 15 membercountries worldwide including the Philippines. Lloyd is the founder and president of Philippine Association of Professional Speakers.

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