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Thriving in the Age of Disruption: Living Out Your Purpose


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Php 12,800

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Php 11,800

Thriving in the Age of Disruption: Living Out Your Purpose


Are you living by DESIGN or by DEFAULT? Are you a young professional thinking of struggling to cope with increasing workplace demands and yet wishes to travel the world? Are you a middle manager with a young family experimenting with new work strategies and dabbling in a small business? Are you a senior employee trying to keep pace with change to stay relevant and all the while wondering what retirement might have in store for you? This course is for you.

Today's workplace is abuzz with words that suggest a threatening environment: VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), multiple generations, emerging and disappearing markets, fake news, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial Intelligence and the disappearance of jobs.

The pace of change has become so fast, many individuals are struggling to respond to the demands of their personal and professional lives. Many remain in reaction mode. Those who thrive, however, know that while they cannot change everything in their environment, they can change their approach to it without sacrificing what is truly important and still thrive.

How do you get from REACTION MODE to CREATION mode? Same letters, different arrangements, different meanings, different outcomes.

This course gives you the space you need to build the resilience and agility to create the outcomes you envision for your professional and personal life.

Who should attend

Professionals undergoing fast-paced change in their workplace who want to build agility, resilience, and balance; integrate personal and professional goals and commitments; and achieve peak performance. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will bring home:

  1. Clear Personal/Professional Vision
  2. Vision Implementation Plan (VIP)©
  3. Life Management Tools
    • Adversity/Resiliency Strategies
    • Self-Coaching Tools  
    •  Blending personal and professional goals, values, and activities
  4. Coach Yourself © - Personal Coaching Tool developed by the facilitator
  • The emerging workplace and its impact on the individual as a worker and as a person
  • Living by design not by default
    • Where you want to go: Clarifying your real purpose
    • Where you are now:
      • Stages of life's journey - Where might you be now? What do you need? What do you hunger for?
      • What are your character strengths?
      • Blind spots: What keeps you from getting where you want to go?
      • Build your Vision Implementation Plan (VIP)©
  • Resilience vs Adversity: What you can do with Murphy's Law
    • What's your Adversity Quotient (AQ)? Tap your CORE
      • Control
      • Ownership
      • Reach
      • Endurance
    • Build Resilience: Handling Murphy's Law and Life's Curve Balls
      •  Good stress vs bad stress
      • Seven keys to resilience
    • How to grow Grit: Stick-to-itiveness
      • Interest
      • Practice
      • Purpose
      • Hope
  • Eye on the Ball: Managing Distractions, Multi-stakeholder Demands, and Bad Habits
    • Staying in a powerful state: making up your mind
    • Identifying essentials and negotiables
    • Personal Kanban: Yes, you can get it all done – but not in one day
    • Changing bad habits
  • Coach Yourself© through any situation
    • Creating your own sacred space
    • Navigating difficult choices


Ms. Czarina Teves

brings over 20 years experience of organizational and personal effectiveness work. As organization development consultant, she has worked with both the private and public sectors through workshops at the Ateneo CCE, Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), and the Civil Service Institute (CSI). These workshops focus on leading change, systems thinking, personal vision and effectiveness, multigenerational workplaces, and coaching and mentoring. Some of these clients include Jollibee Foods Corporation, Globe Telecoms, Mang Inasal, Sykes, D&L Industries, JP Morgan Chase, and Energy Development Corp. 

For the public sector, she has led leadership development and change management projects for the Department of Education, the Zuellig Family Foundation, Department of Social Welfare and Development, the Civil Service Commission, among others. Some of the projects were under auspices of AustralianAid.

Ms. Teves is a certified action learning coach with the World Institute of Action Learning and a certified executive coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. Clients include high potential leaders in the private sector being groomed for senior executive positions, heads of agencies, and heads of local government units. She is also a member of the International Globe Federation.

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