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Program Sales Group Head

Head- Business Development Group

Summary of Work Activities and Responsibilities:

  • Formulate and implement a Sales Plan to achieve the annual targets of the Center and the Institute in terms of revenues, number of course rollouts and number of participants
  • Communicate to Program Sales Group annual targets 
  • Develop, implement and evaluate an appropriate sales strategy, together with the Team Leaders of Public Offerings and Corporate Accounts.
  •  Expand market coverage and populate database thru electronic networking.
  • Coordinate with the Marketing Group the schedule of courses.
  •  Prepare sales/income projections.
  •  Spearhead the sale of courses.
  •  Monitor the implementation of the sales strategy of each program sales executive.
  •  Review proposals, pricing strategy and contracts for in-house clients.
  •  Monitor market demand for courses.
  •  Monitor level of account receivables.
  •  Prepare weekly and monthly sales reports.
  •  Discuss performance requirements with the program sales staff.
  •  Provide guidance, coaching and mentoring to the program sales group.
  •  Establish and implement, together with the Director, a performance management system.
  •  Perform all other tasks assigned by the Director.

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