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Program Support Services Group Head

In a market-oriented, demand-driven, customer-focused CCE organization, the Training Support Group Head’s critical functions and responsibilities are the following: 

  • Coordinate with the Marketing and Sales Groups on course  scheduling and roll-out.
  • Lead the planning and preparation of logistical requirements prior to course run.
  • Work with each resource person in reviewing the course design and refining the Flight Plan toward:

- A perfect match between the course benefits and the participants’ needs;

- A well-planned and well-executed support to course delivery.

  • Collaborate with the resource persons and the Marketing Group on the sustained thrust to improve course materials toward international standards.
  • Review each presentation material and handout prior to reproduction.
  • Regularly schedule the deployment of manpower to programs.
  • Plan and execute a registration procedure, especially during the first day of course runs.
  • Serve as registrar using a data warehouse that monitors each person or firm’s engagement at CCE.
  • Evaluate and monitor course grades and credits earned by participants.
  • Attend to post-program requirements and evaluation of post-training performance of participants and resource persons.
  • Enforce “graduation” requirements, including control on certificate/plaque issuance.
  • Monitor and safe-keep equipment.
  • Build a closely-knit team out of the training group, orienting and empowering them to:

-   Gain a clear perspective of marketing particularly the product-market needs dynamics, thus enabling them to continuously enhance CCE’s distinctive process of customizing each course towards an effective response to the specific needs of the participants.

-   Play a major role in the effort to elevate the course materials- both presentation and handouts- to international standards.

-   Achieve a level of efficiency that generates optimum results at the least cost.

-   Showcase quality, productivity and values in the workplace through a flawless operating system.

  • Cultivate a culture of product and service excellence.
  • Monitor and constantly enhance quality assurance process.
  • Submit weekly updates and training reports.
  • Perform all other tasks assigned by the Director.

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