CCE Experience

Core Values

Customer Care -  The customer is the focus of all Ateneo CCE endeavors at every point of contact where the constant goal is to provide each participant with an excellent learning experience.

Custom-fitting - Ateneo CCE is distinguished for its ability to tailor programs to the specific needs of clients.

Effectiveness - Each course produces immediate results, bringing out the best in the participant as a person and as a professional, thereby enhancing the performance of tasks in the workplace.

Core Distinctiveness

Workplace-based courses with immediate take-away value - Ateneo CCE's courses are immersed in the workplace. Participants are equipped with competencies and values based on the current realities of their respective organizations.

Workplace and classroom dynamics - Ateneo CCE classrooms are microcosms of the workplace; the workplace is a classroom of practical learning.

Industry specialists as resource persons - Programs and courses are designed, developed and delivered by industry practitioners who are noted experts in their respective fields.

Practical, experiential and highly interactive - Methodologies are based on business simulation, practical exercises, case analyses, practical applications and focused discussions.

Integration of ethics, information management and research - Business decision process considers ethics; Information Management is applied on content and delivery; Research renders courses relevant to specific industries.

Synergy with the academe and industry - The unique pool of expertise and experience from the academe and from the roster of seasoned industry professionals enriches the courses. Successful participants earn units towards a graduate degree. Their competencies are certified by Ateneo CCE and renowned industry partners.

Tradition of Excellence

Emphasis on the basics - Basic skills that endure over time and fundamental competencies that serve as foundation of sound management education enable leaders to cope with rapid changes in the environment.

Premium on critical thinking - The hallmark of Jesuit education, which Ateneo CCE embodies, is an attitude that questions rather than simply accepts; analyzes causes and effects before formulating strategies, thereby making the practice of management a dynamic exercise.

Drive for excellence - The Jesuit "Magis" is the driving force to give one's best, to always do better each time, a strong determination to avoid complacency and mediocrity.

Commitment to serve - Education is not for one's personal benefit alone but for the service of others, a powerful paradigm that inspires Ateneo CCE to get things done the Ateneo way, and for the greater glory of God, Ad majorem Dei gloriam.