Course Name

Decision Effectiveness Workshop


Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

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Php 12,800.00

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Php 11,800.00

Decision Effectiveness Workshop


All members of the organization are expected to make decisions and are rewarded not on the number of decisions which they make but on the quality of decisions. One wrong decision can make or break the organization. This program intends to equip the participants with the skills to solve complicated problems, decide with risks minimized, plan for greater success and identify opportunities for problem situations.

Who should attend

Managers, supervisors, technical personnel, and those who make critical decisions.

After the course, you will:

    1.    Identify real causes of theoretical and actual problems;
    2.    Make manageable decisions on choices which are considered good
    3.    Formulate preventive and contingency steps to achieve a desired
           objective; and
    4.    Transform problem situations into opportunities.

  • Introduction
    • Tendencies in Decision Making
    • Case Register Exercise
    • Road Map for Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
    • Problem Solving Processes
      • Rational Process for Complex Situations
      • Simple Techniques
        • 5 Why’s/Stairstepping
        • D-test
      • Fishbone Analysis
    • Guidelines for Shortcut/Long Way
    • Solving People Problem
    • Positive Deviation Analysis
    • Case Analysis
  • Decision Making
    • Decision-Making Situations
      • Good Alternatives
      • Obvious Choice
      • Bad Alternatives
    • Guidelines for Identifying Manageable Choice
    • On-the-Job Application
  • Creative Thinking
    • Steps for Creative Thinking
      • Brainstorming
      • Stimulation Techniques
    • Practicum on Generating More Alternatives
  • Possible Problem Process
    • Guidelines for Possible Problem Analysis
      • What is to be done?
      • What could go wrong?
      • What should be done about it?
      • What improvements could be made?
    • Application Case
  • Possible Opportunity Analysis
    • Steps in Possible Opportunity Analysis
      • Problem Situation
      • Conversation into Opportunity
      • High Benefit Areas
      • Actions
    • Practice Case
  • Integration

Mr. Armando T. Bongco, Jr.

is a Professional Management and Organization Development Consultant specializing in leadership supervisory and management development, strategic planning, performance management, coaching and counseling, training and development, human resource for line leaders, and organization transformation.

He was a Consultant and HRDG Manager of United Laboratories, Inc., Senior Manager for Organization Development and Training Manpower Department of First Holdings Group of Companies, Head for Manpower Training and Development Department of the Human Resources Division of Ayala Group of Companies, and Staff Planning Assistant for the Human Resources Division- San Miguel Corporation.

Mr. Bongco was trained and certified as an official instructor for Problem-Solving and Decision- Making Program by Kepner and Tregoe, Inc., Interaction Management by Development Dimension International, Inc., and Problem Solving and Decision Making by Decision Processes, Inc. He participated and completed numerous seminars conducted by leading foreign and domestic consultancy firms in various areas of HRM.

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