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Digital Marketing


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Digital Marketing


This program is a practical approach to using digital marketing methods to support effective business and marketing strategy planning and implementation with a tactical assessment of essential digital tools and platforms available today. This course is not an instructional workshop on how to set up and manage Websites or social media accounts. Rather, it aims to help participants integrate the various digital marketing tools and technology.

This course is graded and may be credited to the Marketing Diploma Program. Certificate of Completion will be issued once the student meets the attendance and academic requirements.

Who should attend

Brand Managers, Marketing Mangers, Marketing Practitioners, Business Owners, or anyone who wants to gain knowledge about Digital Marketing and how it can help a business achieve its goals.

Successful completion of this module enables the participant to:

  1. Evaluate and analyze essential digital marketing platforms like the Website, social media, Search and Display, Mobile, Email, and how they fit (or not) into the overall marketing strategy of a business;
  2. Formulate a content and media strategy that will support marketing objectives;
  3. Effectively protect and enhance the online reputation of a business;
  4. Learn to integrate digital technology into the overall marketing strategy of a business
  5. Develop an effective Digital Marketing Plan that will help a brand achieve its desired objectives;
  6. Analyze the performance of digital marketing campaigns to measure their effectiveness; and
  7. Use digital communications technologies and strategy in an ethical manner.

I. Introduction to Digital Marketing
   A. Digital Landscape
   B. Marketing During a Crisis
   C. Digital Business Models
   D. Digital Campaign Brief
   E. Digital Marketing Plan
   F. Digital Audit

II. Digital Trends
   A. Digital Platforms and Channels
   B. Introduction to Marketing Technology
   C. Target Audience Setting
   D. Millenials
   E. Big Ideas
   F. Virality

III. Content Marketing 
   A. Personas
       1. Hub, Hero, Hygiene
       2. Content Mapping
   B. Discoverability Tools and Strategy
   C. Media Plan Development

IV. Mobile Marketing 
   A. Mobile Strategy
   B. Mobile Marketing Trends
   C. Social Media Analytics
   D. Social Listening

V. Online Crisis
   A. Online Crisis Management
   B. Online Reputation Management
   C. Digital KPI’s

VI. Overview of E-Commerce
   A. E-Commerce
   B. SEO
   C. Wrap Up
Presentation of Marketing Plan Draft


Ms. Anna Dy is the Country Head for Twitter under MediaDonuts – the exclusive partner of Twitter in the Philippines. Aside from her experience in banking and the UN, Ms. Dy pursues passion projects in e-commerce, digital publishing, as well as business consulting.

She has an undergraduate degree in Business Management from the Ateneo de Manila University. She completed her MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago with concentrations in Marketing, International Business, and Organization Development. During her graduate studies, she worked part-time helping small businesses in the Chicago area build their business plans. In 2009, she joined Summit Digital where she launched several websites and led the company to become one of the leading digital publishers in the country. She was the General Manager of Summit Connect, a digital marketing agency working with a variety of brands to help them maximize the digital medium in order to reach their business goals. 

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