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Digital Marketing


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Php 19,200

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Php 17,700

Digital Marketing


This course offers a unique perspective into the fast-growing world of digital marketing. It is a game changer that plays by its own rules and has its own unique landscape. It will tackle some of the proven learnings from industry leaders while each participant will be guided into applying what they have learned by making their OWN digital marketing plan using the RACE Digital Marketing Planning Template.

Aside from the RACE Digital Marketing Planning Template, participants will also be introduced to the SOSTAC Strategic Digital Planning Template which will enable them to start and plot a strategic plan from start to finish ; beginning with their current situation and ending with the metrics that matter to evaluate the achievement of digital goals and targets.

Beyond knowing what makes digital marketing different and the advantages it  offers to your brand, this course will offer unique insights through case studies and hands on exercises as we seek to learn how digital marketing has successfully propelled some of the industry leaders into dominant digital marketing leaders in their field.

Who should attend

1. Professionals in a marketing or sales function and entrepreneurs who want a better understanding of how to develop and market products and services in a more accurate, insightful, creative and systematic manner;

2. Middle management professionals preparing for general management positions 

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:
1. Give an overview on how digital is changing the way consumers think, act and buy. More importantly, understand what it means fro your brand and company; 
2. Differentiate how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing and how you can use its advantages to improve your marketing/business strategy; and 
3. Redefine your understanding of the 7P's of marketing (product, promotion, price, place, people, process, physical evidence) to make your brand/company relevant to today's digital consumer.
4. Diagnose , evaluate and plan out corrective measures to the current digital efforts thru proven web tools .

I. Digital Marketing in the Philippines
    a. Active Internet Users in The Philippines
    b. Digital Device Ownership in the Philippines
    c. Time Spent on Digital Devices
    d. Top Social Media Platforms
    e. Top Social Messenger Platforms

II. The Changing Marketing Landscape: How digital is
    changing the marketing game
    a. Nine reasons why digital is better
    b. Case Study

III. How digital is changing the way consumers think,   
     act and buy (Case study/presentation)

IV. Strategic Digital Planning (Situation Analysis, Objectives, Tactics, Actions and Control)
    a. Self / Competitor Diagnosis of Current Digital         Efforts
    b. SWOT ( Digital Version)
    c. Participant Digital Strategy Preparation
    d. Participant Digital Strategy Presentation
V. Digital marketing and the 7 P’s of Marketing
    a. 7 P’s
    b. Case study/presentation
V. Five key facts you need in a digital marketing plan
    a. Class exercise
    b. Presentations
VI. The digital marketing plan: Racing to the top
    a. Class exercise
    b. Presentations

MR. ALBERT ARAGON has 30 years combined experience in training, marketing, sales, customer service, brand activation, video production and events management.  Currently, he is the General Manager of Chain Reaction where he conceptualized and produced trade marketing and consumer brand activation projects for companies such as: Smart Communications, Phoenix Petroleum, Chow King, Pilipinas Shell and Knorr. He also worked with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) OFW Marketing Group to design learning programs based on OFW consumer research findings.

He has also been a member of the Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines (ASAP), Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) and Customer Experience Professionals Organization.

Mr. Aragon earned his Bachelors degree in Communications from the University of the Philippines. 

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