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Fundamentals of Shopper Marketing & Strategy


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Php 16,500

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Fundamentals of Shopper Marketing & Strategy


The Fundamentals of Shopper Marketing & Shopper Strategy course allows Salespeople, Shopper Marketers, Demand Planners, and even Marketing people to understand shopper behavior to a higher level.  Shopper marketing focuses on the customer or buyer at the point of purchase but takes into account the mental as well as the physical path-to-purchase of the shopper/buyer. This takes into account the decision points in the shopper's purchasing journey.

Shopper Marketing attempts to influence the shopper/buyer’s ‘shopping mission’ at the moment when they are actually prepared to buy make the purchase. The course will help the commercial people in the organization in creating a good shopper marketing proposition then do the actual activation in-store and thus create an immediate impact and directly influence the purchase behavior.

The course will also take us through the 6-step approach Shopper Strategy process from creating the proposition to delivering the activation. These steps take on a detailed approach to the PDCA processes in the shopper strategy process.

The course will also tackle an update on Shopper Marketing changes during the current pandemic and let the participants share their experience on the changes they have personally experienced.

At the end of the course, participants will present either their actual trade marketing campaign or take a photo of shopper campaigns they are interested in and critique their work using the 6-step approach.

Who should attend

If you are in charge of sales or marketing, whether consumer packaged goods, food service, or retail who wants to expand their knowledge on Trade Marketing.


At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

1. Fully understand the key principles, and methodologies in Shopper Marketing/Trade Marketing;

2. Better understand the shopper strategy process & methodology; and

3. Provide key insights into the shopper path-to-purchase & shopper mission.

I. Introduction to Shopper Marketing/Trade Marketing

II. What is Shopper Marketing?

III. Shopper Marketing Strategy/Activation

IV. 6 Steps of the Shopper Strategy Process
      A. Creating the Proposition
      B. Delivering the Proposition

V. Presentation of Trade Marketing Campaign

Mr. Paolo S. Serrano currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at Kuya J Restaurant. Before this, he was with Arla Foods, serving first as the Head of Marketing for the Philippines, then as Regional Marketing Manager for Southeast Asia, and later as Head of Sales.

He was a part of Max's Restaurant, initially as the National Business Unit Head and later as the Chief Operating Officer. His prior engagements include his role as the Business Development Director at Globe Telecom. He was associated with Mondelez Philippines, progressing from Sales and Marketing Manager (Foodservice) to Senior Brand Manager and then to Marketing Manager for the Enterprise Business Unit.

Ms. Serrano earned his Bachelor’s degree in commerce with a major in Marketing from De La Salle University Manila. 


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