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Leading Strategic Execution


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Php 12,800

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Php 11,800

Leading Strategic Execution


Strategies are only as effective as their implementation. Strategies and plans are vital to any organization, yet those strategies and plans typically hit roadblocks in execution. Managers need an effective implementation plan to deal with these roadblocks, and the necessary skills to lead people in execution.

The course establishes a foundation of leadership behaviors that are essential in execution.  It then engages you in creating an alignment & execution plan.  Finally, you will simulate a strategy execution review meeting where you will practice all the skills learned in the course.

Who should attend

The course is appropriate for anyone in a management or supervisory position who needs to participate in the execution of company and departmental strategies.

After the course, you will:

  1. Understand how you can practice, and master, the seven leadership behaviors that are essential for execution;
  2. Know how to complete an alignment & execution plan, with goals and scorecards; and
  3. Identify roadblocks to implementation and actions you can take to overcome these roadblocks.
  • The Seven Essential Leadership Behaviors of Execution
    • Know your people and your business
    • Insist on realism
    • Set clear goals and priorities
    • Follow through
    • Reward the doers
    • Expand people’s capabilities through coaching
    • Know yourself
  • Identifying Alignment Issues
    • Framework for identifying different sources of misalignment
    • Fixing misalignment using alignment mechanisms
  • Creating Scorecards
    • Framework for creating strategic scorecards
    • Results vs. activities
    • The balanced scorecard approach
    • Two types of indicators:
      • Lagging indicators
      • Leading indicators
  • Assigning Responsibilities
    • Champions
    • Cross-functional partners
    • External partners
    • Key team members
  • Overcoming Implementation Roadblocks
    • Issues or deficiencies that remain unresolved by a certain milestone
    • Possible problems that could arise to prevent each milestone from being achieved
    • Changes to plans that are needed because of new assumptions,new events, new capabilities
    • Mismatch between strategies and capabilities
    • Lack of skills, capabilities to execute strategies
  • Crafting an Alignment and Execution Plan Worksheet for execution of a strategy
  • Monitoring Execution
    • Review results that should be achieved in this period
    •  Analyze variance between planned and actual results
    • Decide on necessary action steps to correct the variance
    • Preview results & potential problems for the next period
    • Engage the whole team in participating in execution

Dr. Jet F. Magsaysay

is the Program Director for the Leadership and Management Development Program of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business Center for Continuing Education (CCE), and is President of Strategic Directions, Inc., a strategy- and management-consulting firm.

As a strategy and organizational development consultant, he has guided leading corporations in the Philippines and Southeast Asia in developing their visions and strategies, and in building their organizational capabilities.

As a program director he has conceptualized and customized leadership and management programs for diverse clients. As a trainer-educator, he has designed and facilitated courses in strategy, execution, leadership, and management skills. He is Curriculum Director for JFC University, and a lecturer at Kyoto University’s Asia Business Leader Programme, where he teaches Business Planning and Leadership Skills.

As a corporate executive, he has managed business units in the Philippines, in China, and across Asia, in the investment banking, publishing, and consulting industries.

He has a BSc. in Industrial Management Engineering from De La Salle University, a Master in Management (with Distinction) degree from the Asian Institute of Management, and a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, major in Organizational Development, at the Ateneo De Manila University.

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