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Motivational Intelligence For Effective Leadership


May 30, 2024 - May 31, 2024

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8:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Motivational Intelligence For Effective Leadership


Research shows that a high self-awareness score is deemed as the strongest predictor of overall success as a leader. Leaders with heightened self-awareness have a good grasp of their strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and biases. Leaders who are self-aware are empowered to manage their basic nature in order to be effective and successful leaders. The most efficient and effective method of attaining self-awareness is by using motivational intelligence. 

This course is designed for people in leadership positions to acquire motivational intelligence, attain a heightened self-awareness of who they are and manage their natural behavior to become effective leaders.

The course starts with the participants learning what “effective leadership” means in the current times so that there is a common definition for reference. 

Next is to ensure you attain a high degree of self-awareness, you shall be learning how to acquire motivational intelligence from a powerful psychometric assessment called Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP). From your personal Reiss Profile, you will attain motivational intelligence to know and understand what motives and values in your unique nature determine why you do what you do. As the saying goes, “how one behaves depends on one’s nature”. Understanding your nature will enable you to accurately predict how you would behave in various situations or when interacting with or leading people. 

After using motivational intelligence to master your knowledge and understanding of your “self”, you will compare your assessed values and natural behavior to the values and behavior of an effective leader. You will become aware whether given your nature, some of your natural behavior could be hindering you from being an effective leader or are supportive for you to be an effective leader. It will be very clear to you what natural behaviors you need to manage in order to be an effective leader.

With the clarity from your self-awareness of which aspects of your basic nature support you or hinder you from being an effective leader, you will be empowered to construct an action plan which with a high degree of confidence will make you overall an effective leader. Your action plan will be the most important take-away from this course. If implemented, you will experience significant positive impact on your life and career. 

Who should attend
  • Heads of Groups, Divisions, and Departments 
  • People being groomed for management or leadership positions
  • People seeking personal development

To learn how to be empowered by comprehensive and in-depth  self-awareness using motivational intelligence to formulate a strategy on how to manage “self” to be an effective leader. 

I. What is Effective Leadership?
   A. What is leadership?
   B. Difference between a boss/manager and a leader
   C. Types of Leadership    
   D. Indicators of when is Leadership effective?  
   E. Core qualities of an effective leader  

II. How to be an Effective Leader 
   A. Key to Successful Leadership
   B. Strongest predictor of overall success as a leader
   C. Why self-awareness is critical to being an effective leader 

III. Leadership’s Role In Employee Engagement
   A. What is employee engagement
   B. Impact of employee engagement on leadership success
   C. Factors influencing employee engagement

IV. Attain Motivational Intelligence -Discovering and Understanding Who You Are
   A. Know your “self” from your Reiss Motivation Profile®
   B. Understanding who you are, why you do what you do 
   C. How you would naturally lead people, interact with people   

V. Attaining Self-awareness Of Your Effectiveness As A Leader
   A. Evaluate how your core values support or hinder your effectiveness as a leader
   B. Identify any “blind spots” and the issues which they may give you as a leader
   C. Relate who you are to how you would be effective as a leader 

VI. Awareness of Others To Overcome Barriers to Team Performance
   A. Distrusting value differences
   B. Misunderstanding motives
   C. Assigning the right task to the wrong person

VII. Action Plan to be an Effective Leader
   A. Write what you need to manage in how you would naturally behave to be effective as a leader         (stepping out of your comfort zone)
   B. What other things you could do to strengthen your effectiveness as a leader

*Participants are to generate their Reiss Profiles online before the course.

Mr. Clemente Escaño

Managing Consultant and trainer at C-3 Empowerment Resources Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based company providing training on personal and leadership development, performance and life balance, and advising organizations in transforming Human Resource and Talent management for greater effectiveness and success.

In providing consultancy and training, motivational intelligence derived from Reiss Motivation Profile® is used to help clients achieve success with immediate impact and sustainable results.

Mr. Escaño is a certified Reiss Profile Master, trained and certified by Prof Steven Reiss, the creator of Reiss Motivation Profile. As an expert in the use and application of the Reiss Motivation Profile, he and his partner at C-3 Empowerment are licensed trainers of the Reiss Profile Master Certification Program, which leads to certification as a Reiss Profile Master. In Asia, except in China and Taiwan, they are the only two professionals licensed as such by IDS Publishing Corp USA, the owner, and publisher of Reiss Motivation Profile.

Mr. Escaño’s clients are individuals, SMEs, and conglomerates in Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia. 

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