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Negotiation Skills: Deal or Deadlock


May 23, 2024 - May 24, 2024

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May 09, 2024

Negotiation Skills: Deal or Deadlock


With the advent of the pandemic in our world today and the limited face to face interaction of people as a consequence thereof, the common misconception is that we don’t need to hone our Negotiation skills even more, right? WRONG!  The need for developing our skills in the art and science of negotiation is even more crucial and needed in these uncertain times as we will spend more time communicating via Zoom, Google Meet, and other platforms.  It is imperative that we practice our skills in negotiating with our peers, colleagues, bosses, friends, neighbors and business partners as the world has now evolved into boundless transactions and we need to get our thoughts, ideas and proposals across at the most effective and efficient manner possible. With our course on Negotiation Skills, you will be more aware and equipped with tools that can help you overcome the difficulties in closing deals to your advantage.

Negotiation Skills: Deal or Deadlock will share with you an insight on what negotiation is all about. It will also include tips, strategies, challenges and pitfalls in negotiating. 

Who should attend

This course is designed for people involved in making deals and doing transactions which involve a lot of influencing and persuasion. This course will be more appreciated by senior sales personnel (key account managers/team leaders, supervisors, business managers, and executives) and even non-sales personnel, who have to deal with other persons, groups, or institutions and come up with resolutions.

After the course, you will:

  1. Get a clear and basic understanding of what negotiation is: Why and when to negotiate;

  2. Learn and try to master the negotiation model process and implement it effectively by developing a negotiation plan;

  3. Learn to watch out for ploys and tactics of negotiators and how to counter them; and

  4. Build negotiation skills through practice and develop the core skills of an effective negotiator.

I. Dynamics and Components

II. Negotiations Model

III. What Counts Factors of a Successful Negotiator

IV. Applied Negotiating

V. Core Attributes of a Successful Negotiator

VI. Team Negotiating

Mr. Rogerick P. Fermin has a successful 33 years of sales and general management experience across several industries (FMCG, Telco, Building technologies, Food, Logistics) with a solid track record of growing revenues and profitability of businesses in start-up and expansion mode. Recently, he was the Senior Vice President for Business Development and Sales at Metropac Movers, Inc. Prior to this, his career includes holding top executive positions in companies like Conceptfoods Corporation (Ulalammm), My Solid Technologies Corp. ( MyPhone), and Solidgroup Technologies Corp ( MyHouse). His international stint was with BMS-Mead Johnson Nutritionals (Thailand) as Regional Sales Training Head covering Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia/Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. His sales career began with Procter and Gamble Philippines. Currently, he is engaged in management consultancy and sales training and development with different clients and industries in the Philippines.

Mr. Fermin has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the Ateneo de Manila University.

Mr. Ronald Zialcita has extensive experience in sales and distribution in the consumer goods industry, the highlights of which have been 1) general sales management, 2) sales training and development, and 3) operations management of distributors.                     

His sales career began with Procter & Gamble, starting as an ex-truck salesman covering downline stores, and from there he had increasing responsibilities in field sales management covering major wholesalers and the modern trade (key accounts).  He further moved on, with the same company, to become sales training and development manager for the Philippines/Indonesia, and eventually Thailand. 

He progressed through heading sales organizations of Universal Robina Corporation (Dairy Products Division), Sampœrna International, Sara Lee Philippines, Wella Philippines, and Unisell Corporation.

He has been doing consulting work on sales training and development with companies in the home/personal care, automotive consumables, industrial adhesives, agri-feeds, telco, industrial equipment parts, apparel industries, banking, and retail industries.

He has a Business Administration degree from Adamson University and pursued a Masters in Business Administration degree at De La Salle University as well.

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