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OD for Line Leaders


May 06, 2024 - May 07, 2024

Schedule via Zoom:

May 6-7, 2024 


8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Php 12,000

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Php 11,000

Valid Until:

April 22, 2024

OD for Line Leaders


Due to remarkable and rapid changes in corporate values, life styles, and technologies, chief executives are faced with challenge of managing and positively harnessing these changes for best results. Today's modern organization certainly needs to continually be attuned with these changes and at the same time amenable to reworking strategies to bring maximum level of productivity.

The  probing  and  open-minded  organizations  need  to  have  talented  personnel  to  be  prepared  and completely   skilled   to   guide   the   organization   and   its   members   to   the   desired   change.   These Organizational Development (O.D) personnel are tasked to assist management in analyzing downward trends and possible causes, implementing the most effective interventions and evaluating results for reinforcement or further corrective actions.

This  program  has  been  designed  to  provide  (O.D  personnel  with  the  skills  and  framework  for understanding organizational change and its development to the desired level. Practice sessions for the application  of  the  required  skills  have  been  incorporated  to  ensure  learning  and  implementation  on actual situations.

Who should attend

Internal consultants, training staff, and line leaders who initiate, implement or evaluate organizational change

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the nature and role of OD in the management implementation and  evaluation of change; and

  2. Explain the application of planned change model on a prescribed case;

  3. Identify the appropriate nature and type of OD intervention for on-the-job situations;

  4. Learn the chronological stages in actual OD consulting; 

  5. Identify the depth, timing, and location of organizational change in the implementation of interventions; and

  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of the change based on prescribed guidelines.

I. What is Organizational Development and Change

   A. Definitions of OD
   B. Nature and Rational of OD
   C. Objectives of OD
   D. OD in the Philippines

II. Changes and the Organization

   A. Characteristics Associated with Change
   B. Kind of Organizational Change
   C. Phases of Organizational Change
   D. Target Dimensions of OD

III. Approaches to Change

 A. Unilateral Power: Authority is Used to Reach Decision
   B. Shared Power: Interaction and Sharing of Power
   C. Delegated Power: Empowerment of Subordinates

IV. Planning Change Model

   A. Common O.D. Goals and Tools/Techniques
   B. Change Model by Gibson and Donelly
   C. The OD Process by Martires and Fule
   D. Matching the Degree of Behavior Change with the Techniques
   E. Case Analysis

V. The Internal OD Consultant

   A. Roles of the OD Consultant
   B. Qualities of the OD Consultant
   C. Requirements for the OD Consultant
   D. Self-Assessment Questionnaire

VINature and Types of OD Interventions

   A. Person-Oriented Interventions
   B. Content-Oriented Interventions
   C. Process-Oriented Interventions
   D. Combination
   E. Application

VII. Stages in Actual OD Consulting

   A. Exploration and Diagnosis Models/Instruments
   B. Securing Agreement with the Client
   C. Undertaking the Project
   D. Handling Change in Agreement
   E. Completing the Project
   F. Consultancy Ethics and Practices
   G. Role Playing

VIII. Implementing the Change

   A. Timing of Initiating the Change
   B. Location of Organizational Change
   C. Depth of Organizational Change

Mr. Armando T. Bongco, Jr is a Professional Management and Organization Development Consultant specializing in leadership supervisory and management development, strategic  planning, performance management, coaching and counseling, training and development, human resource for line leaders, and organization transformation.

He was a Consultant and HRDG Manager of United Laboratories, Inc., Senior Manager for Organization Development and Training Manpower Department of First Holdings Group of Companies, Head for Manpower Training and Development Department of the Human Resources Division of Ayala Group of Companies, and Staff Planning Assistant for the Human Resources Division- San Miguel Corporation.

Mr. Bongco was trained and certified as an official instructor for Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Program by Kepner and Tregoe, Inc., Interaction Management by Development Dimension International, Inc., and Problem Solving and Decision Making by Decision Processes, Inc. He participated and completed numerous seminars conducted by leading foreign and domestic consultancy firms in various areas of HRM.

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