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Introduction to Big Data


October 23, 2021

Schedule via Zoom: 
8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Includes a Fireside Chat with Mr. Mario Domingo (Institute Director, Ateneo Institute for the Digital Enterprise)


Regular Rate:

Php 6,600

Early Eagle Rate:

Php 5,600

Valid Until:

October 11, 2021

Introduction to Big Data


The amount and scope of the data we generate everyday has continued to exponentially grow with our dependence on technology and digital solutions. Our current traditional methods of capturing and analyzing data may no longer be applicable for this “big” data. Managing and processing this “Big Data” will be crucial for tactical and strategic decision making. 

This course is for those new to Data Science and interested in understanding “Big Data” and its history. The course will explain “Big Data” Concepts including the new tools and roles. Case studies and real-world “Big Data” problems and applications will also be included.

Who should attend
  • Corporate Managers trying to understand if “Big Data” is relevant for their industry

  • Executives wanting to understand the notion of “Big Data”

After the course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the history and impact of Big Data to business;

  2. Explain the basics of big data;

  3. Differentiate between big data and non-big data; and

  4. Appreciate the required skills and process to collect and process big data.

  • The Dilemma of Data and the Impact of Social Media, IoT and Search Engine
  • A History of Big Data
  • Big Data and Data Science Terminologies
  • The “V’s” of Data
  • Big Data vs. Non-Big Data Problems
  • Typical Big Data Architectures
  • An Introduction to Big Data Analytics

Mr. Charles Benedict Chan is the General Manager of Neural Mechanics handling the company’s diverse set of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based products.

He started his professional career in Globe Telecom as a Business Management Associate and eventually moved on to become a Senior Product Manager handling Value Added Services and Convergent Services for Globe Broadband. He then transferred to Singapore to work for Procter and Gamble as a Regional Assistant Brand Manager handling multi-million dollar brands such as Pantene shampoos and Joy Dishwashing. He has also experience working for smaller, struggling brands including Braun beauty and grooming, and Fairy Dishwasher Tablets.

Mr. Chan earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of the Philippines – Iloilo Campus.

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