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Marketing Strategies to Beat Bigger Brands


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Marketing Strategies to Beat Bigger Brands


We all love the underdog…whether it’s in the movies or in the battle of brands. Who can forget the challenge posed by upstart Cebu Pacific to the country’s flag carrier Philippine Airlines? Or how C2 shook the soft drink industry when it challenged the global No. 1 Cola brand and carve a major slice of the market. In Today’s digital age and social media, small “David entrepreneurs” all over the world are raising its fist to and challenging the big “Goliath brands” and they are winning.

This workshop aims to equip your business with tried and tested techniques on how to compete and WIN against bigger brands. Gain an overview of what advantages bigger brands and market leaders have. Be like David and hit the big brand’s vulnerable spot via sharp strategies that will help you develop a battle plan against your adversary. These strategies range from looking at a niche market, being different, and using guerrilla strategies. This course will also discuss defensive moves against an assault by a major brand.

Today’s digital arena allows just about any company to appear far bigger than it is by outsourcing and leveraging e-commerce and social media. The internet really did level the business playing field. Most of the strategies are cost effective, which allows smaller brands competitive leverage despite being having small marketing budgets. Actual Case Studies and examples will be shown and discussed for maximum practical learning. Several Exercises (individual as well as group) will open eyes and minds to creative opportunities to “David” companies like yours.

Who should attend
  • CEO's of SME's
  • Entrepreneurs/Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • R&D Prod. Dev. Managers
  • Advertising Account Managers, Strategic         
  • Planners and Account Managers

After the course, you will:

  1. Gain an overview of the laws of conflict and warfare;
  2. Understand Goliath brand failures and learn from David brand victories;
  3. Craft a strategy and game plan for delivering a crippling blow to competition or establish sizeable segments to dominate profitably; 
  4. Learn how to maximise advertising and promotions budgets (specially with digital/social media); and 
  5. Sustain your brand by delivering a unique customer experience that's way better than what's in the market. And how pairing that with one of the David strategies can result in market success.

Course Outline:

  • Understanding consumers and the importance of reading the competitive landscape right
  • The nature of competition and conflict
  • Learning from military principles of warfare
  • Analysing big brand advantage and finding vulnerabilities
  • Case Studies - Goliath brand failures, David brand victories
  • Defining the desired outcome
  • The “David Strategies” - Choosing the type of approach
  • Conventional marketing warfare - choosing a niche, being different
  • Frontal attack
  • Flanking attack
  • Shock and awe
  • Delivering a crippling blow up-front
  • Going guerrilla
  • Surviving a war of attrition
  • The Long Drawn War (pacing your resources)
  • Retreat and cutting loses

Ms. Eleanor Modesto

is the founder/President of PURE Digital Communications before the agency became the digital arm of Publicis Manila where she became the head of Digital Strategic Planning. She handled both big brands like San Miguel Light, San Miguel Premium Brews, Red Horse Beer, HP Printer, Belo Clinic as well as smaller challenger brands like EQ Diapers, Swiss Miss Chocolate Drink, Air Asia Philippines, Nestle Ice Cream to name a few.

She spent 2 decades in Indonesia where she was Executive Creative Director and after 2 years was promoted to CEO of Lowe Jakarta, the country's No. 1 Ad Agency. Together with her team, she successfully turned around the fortune of Sampoerna Hijau - a price local brand of the challenger cigarette company P.T. Sampoerna. She also launched XL Telco, challenging No. 1 brand - Telkomsel. One of the brands she helped launched is a local skin lotion brand - Citra, inspired by an Indonesian skin treatment which became a leading brand vs. Major multinational brands.

Ms. Modesto graduated her Bachelors degree in Visual Communications from the University of the Philippines. She worked in both local and Multinational Advertising Agencies - Asia Communications, Ace-Compton (now Saatchi-Saatchi), Lowe Manila (now Lowe Mullen Group) and Lowe Jakarta. She headed the training program of Lowe in Asia Pacific and after she left the agency, actively run workshops in Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok and Tokyo.

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